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Groomswear: Traditional or Trendy?

Planning 101 • 1st September 2014
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After months… if not years of planning, the pressure we put on a Wedding Day to be perfect is immense, and the ultimate time capsule that is the Wedding Photo is the chance to capture you and your spouse at their absolute best.

Then come the questions - how do I want to remember myself? Do I go for the fabulously trendy hairstyle I was convinced complimented my bone structure and absolutely makes the most of my ultimately doomed hairline… Or do I go for a more traditional, simple yet handsome style - not too fussy with just a little max wax to keep it in place and pray I don’t look back and cringe in 20 years.

Well the same is absolutely said for the suit. I’m personally reminded of wedding photos in various friends’ and relatives’ homes - the giant spectacles, thick moustaches and pales blue suits with superbly ruffled shirts. Absolutely not what we’d expect to see these days but I’m sure the grooms in question still look back and remember fondly how fantastic they felt on that day. Ruffles and all.

So when deciding what to wear it’s important to consider both the style and the fit of the suit.

There is always the most traditional option of a Morning Suit which has been pretty consistent for many years now so it’s unlikely you can go wrong! It’s not the most modern of styles or cuts, but I think that’s part of the charm and creates such a distinguished look that is ultimately timeless.

Opting away from the morning coat option you can go for a 2 or 3 piece suit. Both of which are a little more contemporary but certainly sufficiently formal, and with much greater versatility in design and style. I would say that this is where fit will have the biggest impact on how timeless your outfit will be.

To keep it traditional the jacket length needs to fall to the top of the thigh (i.e. just covering the bum); the trousers should sit flush with the top of the hip bones and naturally drape in a fairly straight shape without clinging to the legs.

Something we’re seeing a lot more of in recent years however is the much more modern and fitted suit. Easily identifiable by the far shorter jacket length and extremely tapered trousers. Often as the ankle is so narrow the trousers are worn much shorter to prevent them from creasing too much on the shoe. This is a great style and if it works for your body shape then you should enjoy it - but just make sure you’ll be happy looking back at the pictures on your mantelpiece!

Image courtesy of Marianne Chua