Planning 101 27th May 2014

Tech-Savvy Weddings #WhereDoYouStand?

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We live in an age indisputably dominated by technology; governed by endless apps, incessant sharing, too much tweeting and insta-everything! But where is the line drawn when it comes to technology and your wedding? Tech-etiquette or ‘techiquette’ (may have just made that up) is an issue that must be addressed in 21st century wedding planning, just as you’d consider formal seated dinner vs casual buffet.

So what tech elements could you add to your wedding to bring it into the 21st Century?

  • You can create your own hashtag so that friends tweeting and Instagram-ing can all contribute to one big on-line album.

  • You can have a wedding app, or a wedding website, which is a one stop shop for guests to get all the necessary info. Our favourite is ‘Appy Couple’ a concept which combines them both (and your wedmin!!)

  • For those who'd rather not stick their pics on social media (or if you'd rather they didn't) use a password protected photo sharing site where everyone can upload.

  • You can set up a Skype feed for far flung friends and relatives so nobody misses the big day.

  • Maybe you’d like to try MarryOke? The fabulously cringy but definitely memorable trend for creating a music video of you and all your guests miming along to your favourite song.

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The possibilities are really endless…

As far as we see it, there are three main options here; firstly, you go cold turkey (a-la Kimye) and forbid the use of mobile phones and such like at your wedding. Secondly, you could ignore the issue and let it be. Lastly, you go full tech savvy and embrace modernity. We’ve broken down the three options to help you assess the pros and cons of each.

  1. Hands-Free Fete

Politely request that your guests turn off their phones for the day.



  • You have full autonomy of who sees what images of your day and when. You get to avoid the issue of the over-excited bridesmaid tweeting the photo of you in your dress before your H2b has seen you.

  • No unflattering angles leading to days of endless de-tagging whilst on your honeymoon.

  • And lastly, and perhaps most importantly you get everyone’s undivided attention and engagement in your big day – no email checking, no match results checking, your guests actually live and experience the day and make memories!

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  • Even if you use a second shooter (another photographer), there undoubtedly will be certain moments of your day that the photographer will miss. The cute moment when your Grandpa dances with the flower girl, your old school friends falling about laughing over an old joke; if these things happen whilst you’re having some pro-photo time, they’ll be missed!


  1. Turn A Blind Eye

You could totally ignore the situation, that’s totally fine. In fact, the vast majority of weddings probably won’t consider either of the extreme options and just go with the flow.



  • No offending people by asking them to switch off.

  • The tech savvy can Instagram away some lovely shots.

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  • You get all the potential cons of the above AND the below! Hmm dilemma!


  1. A Tech Savvy Day

Perhaps you’re a social media guru, or even if you’re not, there are certain things you can do to ‘tech up’ (again, made-up word!) your day.



  • You kind of control what happens, encourage sharing of fabulous pictures and create a real community vibe for your wedding guests.

  • Guests who weren't able to make it can be part of the fun (Skype link anybody?)

  • Say you had a huge house fire and lost your wedding album, your hard drive, everything! Thanks to all your snap happy friends your wedding will exist forever somewhere in the ether!

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  • Your guests are there but they are not ‘present’, they’re smiling, but into the screens of their devices as they hit the filter button. The ease of using a smart phone to capture moments is so tempting, but guests run the risk of being observers and interpreters rather than participants.

  • The dreaded tagging, early posting conundrum. We recommend changing your Facebook privacy settings before the big day so that all tagged photos must be approved.


Top Tips

If non of these options are working for you how about a best-of both worlds scenario? Here are our top tips in achieving perfect wedding 'techiquette'

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1. Inform guests of your intentions - be it on your wedding website or in the invites first, and then in order of service or on a pretty plaque as a reminder on the day itself.

2. Lay ground rules with those around you (bridesmaids, family etc) NO sharing pics before you give the go-ahead.

3. Change your Facebook privacy settings before the big day so that all tags must be approved.

4. Have a friend monitor your Facebook/Twitter throughout the day so that anything unsightly can be dealt with!

5. Have a friend not in your wedding party use your phone throughout the day (post ceremony of course) to capture some cute pics. You'll love looking through them the next day and whilst waiting for your pro-shots to come through.

6. If you're allowing devices and cameras to be used throughout the rest of the day, create an online sharing place for pics so that you can enjoy them all! Perhaps pop this note in your Thank You cards. We like!


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