Planning 101 1st October 2013

Bespoke Stylish Wedding Favours?

By Carol Haworth, UK Wedding Favours

A timeless classic; a gift offered by the happy couple to those friends and family who have joined together to celebrate their nuptial blessings. Wedding favours are sentimental reminders of a joyous day that can be the beautiful finishing touches that really are the icing on the cake for guests of all ages.

Wedding favours are a quintessential ingredient in the wedding day celebrations, acting as a universally accepted, often very personal, thank you from the bride and groom. For many years traditional wedding favours have included designs ranging from bomboniere, sugared almonds carefully wrapped in delicate lace and ribbon, to ornately decorated parcels or small containers, within which the bride and groom have stored a special memento of their big day.

Timeless Wedding FavourToday the wedding favour industry has flourished, providing us with a definitive compendium of delightful examples, each having the ability to be tailored to suit individual requirements, whatever the tastes of the happy couple or a particular theme that they may wish to recreate. Bursting with originality and combining an almost endless array of colours and choice of materials, wedding favours are, without a doubt, still an important part of the marital celebrations for couples across the world.

As many of you know, the lengths that couples may wish to go to in order to create the perfect environment for their guests can be quite dramatic! Yet, amidst all the flurry of excitement and activity of organising such an important celebration there may be certain aspects that, unless correctly planned, could be left to chance and may even be overlooked until the final moments before the big day.

This is where the help of professional experts can prove so very useful, allowing you to remain focused on other areas of organising your special day. Either presenting you with the necessary materials and items to produce terrific, unique examples yourself or allowing you to choose from a wide selection of spectacular, ready made wedding favours. One thing is for sure, the choice is immense and the best results can easily be attained.

There is a massive selection of wedding favour examples that are now available. They range from the traditional inspired favours, shaped as delicate flowers and a wide selection of boxed designs containing a special message and the traditional sugared almonds to delightful favours for men and children, available with a selection of different fillings to produce tailored wedding favour solutions.

If planning well in advance there are practically hundreds of unique combinations that can be created yourself, adding a personal touch and pleasantly testing your DIY capabilities too! Allowing you to design and create the right wedding favours as a special thank you to each and every guest, be they child or adult, male or female. All you have to remember is that there is helpful advice and assistance just a click away with some of the most professional experts in the business.

Taking a moment to allow your creativity to shine through, discover the unique world of wedding favours today and add that special finishing touch to your nuptial celebrations with specialists who care.