Planning 101 21st January 2015

8 Easy Wedding Workouts


Now, before you all go screaming off in a feminist rage, I'm NOT of the opinion that one should or must lose weight for your wedding day. If you're happy in your body, great! That being said, a wedding is often the trigger that motivates women (and men!) who are unhappy with the way they look to do something about it. That can't be a bad thing right?

What I do not agree with, however, is crash dieting, fad diets or other extremities to lose lots of weight quiclkly. What you're aiming for on your wedding day (and the rest of the time for that matter) is a strong, healthy, radiant you!

So, with that in mind, I've compiled a collection of the best at home strength and toning videos from YouTube. These are the kind of exercises you should try do a few times a week leading up to your wedding to help you feel your best. I've chosen ones which are targeted at the problem areas one often associates with wedding dresses; toning those bingo wings, axing armpit fat, sculpting your back, trimming down the thighs, and tightening the tummy!

1. The one arm side push up

This is great for the triceps (bingo wings!) and quite simple to do! Do 10 on each side then have a little rest, then repeat another 2 times.

2. The dining chair dip

Again this is great for toning up those arms! The more confident you get the lower you can dip! But make sure to keep your lower body rigid and your back upright and your bum pointing down to the floor.

3. The beached whale

I have no idea what this exercise should be called but it makes me feel like a beached whale or turtle or something. For beginners, keep your feet on the floor whilst you lift your chest and pull your elbows back. Once you've got that, lift your feet too to work your lower back. It was really hard to find a video of what I meant... this girl does both arms and legs, but you should defs start with arms first!

 4. Easy push ups

These WILL bust your armpit fat. If pushups scare you, start with an easier version using a higher up surface. A window ledge, a low wall, a chair, your kitchen worktop. As you get more confident with these choose lower surfaces until you reach the floor!
Excuse this horrifically cheesy video... but good advice none the less!

5. Side chair step up

A step up is a great bottom toning exercise, but switching it to a side step makes it really work the inner and outer thigh. This one looks a little tricky, so maybe start on a lower step or stool first!

6. Simple scissor kick

This is a really straightforward exercise but if you do a lot of it you'll reaally feel the burn!

7. Plank!

It looks easy but it BURNS! If you had situps this is great alternative and creates the burn you're looking for way way faster. Start out on your elbows and knees and hold for 15-20 seconds. Try to add on 5 seconds every day!

8. Criss cross arms

So I couldn't find a video for this sooo maybe I made it up... basically it feel great on that annoying bit of fat that sits just above your bra strap on your back, under your arms. Like back armpit fat. All I do is reach behind me keeping both arms straight and make a criss cross motion, right over left, then left over right and so on. I keep going whilst I'm waiting for the kettle to boil every morning :)