Planning 101 1st November 2013

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Planning - For every little part of your Big Day….

Planning a wedding takes some clever managing to bring it all together on budget and looking fabulous. The Wedding Planner website take you through ‘every little part of your Big Day’- every stage of your planning, whatever your budget or style.

You will find on our website lots of free handy ‘to do’ checklists, budget planners, inspiration, things to make your life easier and of course, our Planning Section has a whole selection of ‘Timeless Advice’ to really help you narrow your choices whilst learning about traditions, tricks and tips and helpful reminders to make your Big Day perfect!

So first things first… let’s look at what we have covered under our Planning Section - our invaluable Timeless Advice articles!

Getting Started

  • ‘Budgeting and Determining a Wedding Savings Plan’
  • ‘Congratulations! You’re Engaged- Now What?’
  • ‘Countdown to a Perfect Wedding’
  • ‘Deciding on the Date of Your Wedding’
  • ‘Guest Lists- Who to Invite?’
  • ‘Roles and Responsibilities of the Wedding Party’
  • ‘Schedule of Events on the Big Day’
  • ‘The Extraordinary Effect of Marriage’
  • ‘Wedding Insurance’
  • ‘Invitations, Stationary and Save the Date Cards’
  • ‘Invitations-Wording Variations’
  • ‘Gifts for the Bridal Party and Favours for the Guests’
  • ‘Gifts and Wish Lists’
  • ‘Weddings on a Budget’

Wedding Planners

  • ‘A Day in the Life of a Wedding Planner’
  • ‘Why would you need a Wedding Planner?’

Looking Good

  • ‘Looking Good and Feeling Great’
  • ‘How to Avoid a Bad Hair Day’
  • ‘Altering Your Wedding Dress’
  • ‘Wedding Day Repair Kit’

The Ceremony

  • ‘Transport’
  • ‘Alternative Weddings’
  • ‘Civil Partnerships and Weddings’
  • ‘Civil Partnerships’
  • ‘Double Weddings’
  • ‘Organising the Ceremony’
  • ‘Renewal of Vows’
  • ‘Wedding Vows’

The Reception

  • ‘Video Makers’
  • ‘Perfect Pictures’
  • ‘Your Reception Venue Explained’
  • ‘Entertaining Younger Guests’

After the Wedding

  • ‘After the Wedding’
  • ‘Your Honeymoon’
  • ‘The Key to a Successful Marriage’ ‘House Buying’
  • ‘Why it is Important to Make a Will’
  • ‘Cleaning your Dress’
  • ‘Anniversaries’
  • ‘To Have and to Hold’

So now it’s down to you! Use our Timeless Advice articles when planning your wedding! Maybe you need to know more about organising your ceremony or what to do with younger guests? The Planning Section has it all covered! Enjoy!

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