Planning 101 2nd June 2014

Eyebrows, the Perfect Finish to your Wedding Make Up Look

So many women struggle with the shape of their eyebrows. They are over plucked, under plucked or virtually non-existent- in terms of hair loss or the colour is so fair they don’t show. Eyebrows frame the face and if you take them away it can look rather strange. We all need to look at our natural shape, which can be found by following the brow bone, your eyebrow should sit exactly above the edge of the bone.

Eyebrows have a beginning, middle and an end. The beginning of the brow (the thickest part) should start where the inner corner of your eye and the outer corner of your nostril align. The middle of the brow (the arch) should be where the centre of your eye is. The end of your eyebrow (the tail/thinnest part) should taper towards the outer corner of your eye.

Wedding Eyebrows

The best way to get the perfect shape is to get them professionally shaped and then use tweezers every couple of days to remove the excess hairs that appear. Just remember that ‘eyebrows are sisters not twins’ they are never going to be identical. Women that prefer to pluck their eyebrows should remove six hairs from the left then six hairs from the right brow. If you try to completely shape one brow all at once it is difficult to repeat the process on the other side and this results in over plucking.

Eyebrows can be threaded, plucked or waxed. You can add definition and colour if they are sparse, there are many powders, pencils and gels available. For a long lasting effect eyebrow tinting is very effective and lasts for 2-3 weeks, great for your honeymoon afterwards too!

Which Eyebrow Would Suit You?

Keep your eyebrows flat with less of an arch to give the illusion of shortening the face. Long shaped face This is deemed the perfect face shape. Make a soft arch at the centre of the brow, above the pupil, as you look straight ahead. Slightly thicker nearer to the bridge of the nose and tapered out from the arch towards the outer corner of the eye. Oval shaped face Wider at the forehead and narrowing down to the chin. Add a curve to your eyebrow shape by making it almost the same thickness along the length. This will give the illusion of an oval to the face. Heart shaped face Create a higher shaped arch for this face. Taper the brow shape in a similar way to the oval face shape but make the arch high above the pupil. Round shaped face

Top Tips:

Have your brows professionally shaped 2 days before the wedding day to allow time for the redness to subside. -
When using a pencil to add colour use light feather strokes to create single hairs rather then drawing straight across the brow line. -
Plucking your eyebrows straight after you’ve been in the shower will open the follicles so that it’s less painful. -
Keep tweezers clean and wipe with an antibacterial cleaner after each use. -
The hairless part between your brows should be no wider than the bridge of your nose. -