Planning 101 13th July 2015

10 Things You'll Forget For Your Wedding

In all the drama of wedding planning and in the lead up to your big day you'll probably forget a few minor things. But that's ok. Trust me. Chances are you won't even remember you forgot them until 2 months after the wedding, and by that point you really, really won't care. But in case you're the kind of bride who wants to be super on top of everything (excel spreadsheets, lists and timetables) here are a bunch of things that brides (and grooms) typically forget to sort....

1. Pack an overnight bag If you're not jetting off on your honeymoon straight away, make sure you remember to pack an overnight bag AND have it delivered to wherever you'll be staying the night. If you're staying in your wedding venue, this is simple, if not, have a groomsman drop it off at your chosen hotel so it will be ready and waiting in your room.

2. Arrange collectiong of wedding venue junk Whether it's your homemade centre pieces, excess favours and orders of service, or your bits and bobs from getting ready in the morning, you've probably accumulated a lot of STUFF at your wedding venue which needs to be cleared out either that night or first thing the next day. If you're heading straight off somewhere remember to dish out the instructions to somebody else.

3. Decide where you want your gifts to go Are you going to set up a gift table or card post box? Would you rather request that gifts be sent ahead/after the wedding and not brought to the venue? If they're being brought to the wedding how are you going to get them all home? These are all questions you need to consider and decide on the easiest solution. Instruct the bridal party as to the arrangements and have them manage this on the wedding day. My advice would be that all gifts are collected by an usher and stowed somewhere safe, and then that usher takes them all home in his car. They'll be so much fun to collect and open post honeymoon!

4. Supplier meals It will usually say in your various contracts with photographers and musicians if they require a meal at some point during the day. Check this with them and be sure to make arrangements where necessary.

5. Day after plans If you're not heading straight off on your honeymoon then make sure you plan something for the next day. It doesn't need to be big and fancy - in fact I think it would be hell to try and organise a post wedding brunch... but make some kind of plan and have something to look forward to. Post wedding blues is very real. A couple I know who recently got married went to an Ed Sheeran concert the next evening. Pretty cool huh?

6. Extra stationery If you love your fancy stationery be sure to pack a copy of it for your photographer to photograph during the bridal preparations.

Victorian_Love_shoot_Matthew_Bishop_Photography (9 of 183)

7. Spare shoes = happy feet Obviously you'll carefully wear in your shoes pre-wedding.... but in case you didn't make sure you pack a spare pair. The last thing you want on your pretty pedicured feet are big ugly blisters!

8. Decide the cakes destiny If you're not planning on eating ALL the cake at your wedding make sure there are plans in place for what happens to it post wedding. It's usually best to ask your caterer/venue to chop it all up for you and leave it out for guests to take home party bag style. Whatever doesn't get taken can be packed up for you take home and enjoy for the next few days. If you're planning on keeping a whole tier in tact make sure you let them know.

9. Getting ready music This seems like such a random thing, but it's one of the biggest things I remember about my brother's wedding. Whilst we (the bride and the maids) were getting ready we had a cd playing Eva Cassidy music (Songbird was their first dance) all morning. It really set the mood and chilled us all out. I highly recommend it!

10. Last song request If you're having a DJ/band, I'm all for letting them do their thing. They know how to play a great set and keep the dancefloor buzzing! One thing I would suggest, however, is letting them know what song you'd like to finish on. It's the last moment of your wedding day, and you need to go out with a bang. Whether you want something smushy and slow, or crazy upbeat, give some thought as to what you'd like the last memory of the day to be - assuming you can remember it..

10 things you'll forget for you wedding