Fashion & Jewellery 13th April 2023

Picked a wedding suit? Style it with accessories

Top tips for styling your wedding suit

It’s most likely that you will only get married once, so why not try to look the best you can for your big day? Choosing your wedding suit is not an easy task, and it doesn’t end with just choosing the fabric and fit. Whether you choose a morning dress, tailcoat, tuxedo or a three-piece suit, the right accessories can elevate your wedding look. By accessorising, you’ll receive lots of compliments, and your partner won’t be the only one in the spotlights on your big day. Keep reading to find out which accessories can be combined with your wedding suit and how to style them.

Essential accessories

The right accessory can make or break your look. If you choose accessories that are too bold or not adequate for the occasion, it might look a little shabby or overdone. Some accessories can be personalised and can serve as keepsakes of your special day and some are perfect to accentuate the theme or destination of your wedding. The following accessories will certainly help you to complete your wedding look. 


A watch around your wrist can make you look sophisticated, intelligent, and trustworthy. Besides, always knowing the time will come in handy on your wedding day as well, as a watch will help you to show up at the altar at the right time. Especially gold watches are great for weddings, especially when the wedding theme colours include gold as well. Gold is a very versatile colour and goes well with warm and deep-tone neutral colours. Examples are dark olive green, coffee, dark tan, and beige, but there are many more colours to pair your gold watch with. 

Silver watches stand out less and are the perfect accessory for a winter wedding. Winter weddings often use cool and neutral colours – including baby blue, white, cream, and silver – as their theme. Silver also pairs well with pastel colours, such as pastel yellow, lilac, light green, or light pink. Watches are not only great accessories, but can also be engraved. This makes it the perfect gift for a groom, bride, or for the parents of the pair. 

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Hats can emphasise the theme of the wedding by letting it shine through in your wedding outfit. For example, winter and autumn weddings can be quite cold. Most grooms choose to wear warmer and more insulating materials, such as twee, cashmere, or wool. This thick material can be styled perfectly with a flat cap or baker boy hat. If you are having a Peaky Blinders themed wedding, it will only be enhanced by wearing this style of hat. 

Are you getting married at a warmer destination? Chances are big you’ve chosen a light and ventilating material for your suit, such as linen or cotton. Perhaps you’re even considering a more casual outfit, such as the wedding classic chino with a light and flowy button-down shirt. These outfits give a more casual beach feeling, which can be combined well with a light-coloured fedora, trilby or a Panama hat. 

A sun hat is great to keep your face out of the sun during your summer wedding, but can also give you a sophisticated look while combined with your autumn outfit. In this case, choose a dark coloured sun-hat and one of a warmer material, which will also be a great addition to your wedding pictures.