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How To Choose Wedding Dates Using Numerology

Planning a wedding can take a lot of work. You have to consider the catering, décor, dress code, and guest list, among many others. However, you can’t start preparing for your wedding if you haven’t fixed a wedding day yet. When sending invitations to guests, you should ensure that the wedding date is finalized and on the invites for guests to RSVP.

Numerologists believe that there is a connection between numbers and the spiritual world. Members of the holistic healing community also believe that crystals have metaphysical capabilities that can affect the ambiance of a space or person, so some numerologists work with both numbers and crystals. 

Once you have chosen a wedding date using numerology, consider wearing a healing bracelet with crystals on the wedding day to cleanse away any negative energy. If you are engaged and are still unsure which wedding date is best for you, please read on.

Numerology Basics

The numerological spiritual connection of different numbers can aid people in their daily lives as they receive spiritual messages that influence their actions and choices.  Numerology, as a system, looks at a person's birth date to discern how they interact with others in relationships and how they live their lives.

Choosing your wedding date may be very important if you are a firm believer in numerology. Before choosing a wedding date, calculate your life path number. You can do this by adding up all the numbers of your birthdate. Knowing your life path number and your partner’s can help you choose the best wedding date.

How To Calculate Your Life Path Number

To calculate your life path number, add your birth month number with your birth date and year. Each set of numbers should ultimately become single digits before you can add another number. Some people may end up with significant numbers like the 444 angel number. Angel numbers are repeating numbers that some believe reflect important messages from angels. The angel number 444 means that the angels support your current path and encourage you to go further. 

For example, if you were born on the 10th of March 1990, your life path number could be calculated this way:

March is the third month in a year, so the numerology number for March is three. The birth date in the example is the 10th, so the number ten becomes one + zero, which equals one. You do the same with the birth year, which is 1990. That becomes one + nine + nine + zero, which equals 19. That 19 then becomes one + nine, which equals ten. The ten then becomes one + zero, which equals one.

Once you have done these calculations, you can add each single-digit answer. In this case, that will be three + one +one, which equals five. That means your life path number is five. You can do the same calculations with your partner's birthdate, and then by using each other's life path number; you can find the best date for your wedding.

How To Use Your Life Path Numbers To Pick A Wedding Date

To find the best wedding date, you can do more calculations to see your marriage number. Add your life path number with your partner's until you get a single digit to reveal your marriage number. For example, your life path number of six and your partner's life path number of two means that your marriage number is eight.

You can then use these three separate numbers to finalize a wedding date. Regarding the life and marriage numbers calculated, the best wedding dates can be the 6th or 2nd of August and the 6th or 8th of February. There can be multiple variations to these dates as well. You can also choose dates that add to your marriage or life path numbers. 

Numbers in numerology each have a unique meaning and spiritual connection, so you can also pick the date of your wedding depending on what you would like your marriage to be. 

Having the number one on your wedding date symbolizes new beginnings on the horizon. It also signifies freedom. The number two on a wedding date symbolizes peace, balance, and harmony. Having a three on your wedding date represents achievement and socializing with others, with lots of laughter. According to numerologists, wedding dates that equal one or nine will have a good run, so you can follow these recommendations. A numerological understanding of the numbers can help you pick the best wedding date.


Numerology highlights that there is a spiritual connection within numbers and that you can use them to understand the world and influence your actions. To use numerology for the best wedding date, you'll have to calculate your and your partner’s life path numbers. Using your life path numbers, you can then calculate your marriage number.

With these calculations, you can pick the perfect date for your wedding. You can also choose your wedding date depending on what type of marriage you would like to have. For example, having the number two on your wedding date symbolizes a union of peace and harmony. It's a beautiful system used by many to understand the world around them, so you can use them to finalize the perfect wedding date.