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How Your Diet Can Help (or Hurt) Your Marriage

Saying “I do” at the altar signifies the start of a lifetime commitment to your partner. From finances, social life, and even eating habits you should be prepared to share everything. 

Our diet says a lot about our health and lifestyle, especially our capacity to fight off different illnesses. Note that your diet does not only affect the food you eat, but also other aspects of your daily life such as exercise, sleeping patterns, and more.  

So, how can dietary habits make or break your marriage? Let us find out!

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Pressure and guilt

Diet can hurt your marriage if guilt is used to pressure your partner into changing his or her diet.This is the case especially for couples who have different diets. One spouse may be used to eating organic, dairy and fat-free foods while the other may be on the opposite end of the spectrum. There will be times when you may feel bad about your meal choices and can feel pressured to drastically change your diet. While it is important to develop a healthier diet, none of you should feel ashamed and guilty. 


It is always best to talk about it maturely and encourage one another to be healthier. One effective way is to stick to the facts and let your partner understand the impacts of having a good diet. 


This one can both help and hurt your marriage. Food groups have a wide range of prices. It cannot be denied that healthier components such as proteins, grains, fruits, and vegetables can be more pricey compared to fast foods. There will be times when disagreements may arise especially when you are on a budget. But you should understand that having a healthy diet is an investment. 

To turn this into a positive aspect, you should first and find a middle ground and budget your expenses. Avoid buying separate food items that can only increase your costs. A tip would be planning your meals in advance to foresee your expenses. You can also subscribe to a healthy or even a plant-based meal service that can guide you along the way. 

You can learn more about this type of diet program here

Knowing this, how can you move forward and develop a healthy diet for your marriage?

Develop a healthier routine

Developing a family approach to diet and exercise not only improves your health, but also fosters communication, shared passions, and quality time. For those who have kids, having a routine may encourage them to be more open and disciplined at the same time. 


You should also encourage buying groceries and cooking together because it can help learn more about each other’s preferences and understand why your partner has been making certain choices when it comes to food. 


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Explore different meal plans

Coming up with your own meal plan can be quite challenging. You and your spouse should first determine what specific foods and nutrients you want to incorporate in the new diet. It is important to keep an open-mind when discussing your diet plans. Like all things in a marriage, a committing to meal plan will only work if both of you are on the same page.


As we have mentioned earlier, seeking help from a trusted meal and fitness program can be very beneficial for your marriage. If you are just starting out, subscribing to a meal plan may help you familiarize with the essential nutrients you need and how much calories you should intake.  It is also easier to maintain since you and your partner will be getting the same meal every day; it is less likely to have a disagreement!


One example of a meal delivery service worth considering is Sun Basket. It is a great way of introducing vegetarian meals in your diet. Going Vegan is becoming a trend for a reason! Read more about Sun Basket and what their customers have to say. You will be surprised how transformative plant-based meal preparations can be.

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Our Takeaway

As early as now, it is important to take big steps to ensure good health and long life for you and your family. In building a balanced and healthy diet, open communication and discipline should come along too.


If ever you find trouble in incorporating a healthy diet to your marriage, you can always seek help from professionals. Do not let something as essential as food put your marriage at risk.