Planning 101 21st July 2015

Hen Party Playlist!

A lot of planning goes into hen parties. We all know this and if you don’t then you’ve obviously never had the task of planning one! All the small details are planned, where are you going (is it going to be in the UK or at home?) Where are you staying? Did the goody bags contain the much needed morning after Ibuprofen? Do you really need willy straws?? Trust me; I know because I’ve been that planner before. I’ve been in that position and I know that it’s the small things as well as the big things that count. So allow me make one thing easier for you. Let me share with you my tried & tested, hen party pleasing, pre-night out Spotify playlist that will get everybody pumped up for an incredibly night ahead! The below songs are just random picks from the playlist…

Wannabe – Spice Girls

You cannot have a girl’s night out without playing this song: there is no better girl power, friendship forever anthem EVER. It was huge when it hit the scene all those years ago (I won’t say when because it’s going to make me feel so, so old) and it’s the song I play first without fail because it sets the tone for the whole night ahead.

Lose my breathe – Destiny’s Child

The memory of the dance routine in this music video alone will make you want to hit the town and bust out moves . This trio have been providing female empowerment tunes since I was in my teenage years and even though they’ve been split up for a while, the tunes of Destiny’s Child will live on forever in our hearts (and in every 90’s girl’s music collection.)

Get ur freak on – Missy Elliot

Before there was Nicki Minaj, there was Missy — the original rap queen and still the best in my eyes. This song is the song you listen to when you’re getting into your outfits for the night and testing out that your heels are dance proof. It’s dancey without being too crazy so you won’t work up a sweat or pull a muscle and ruin all your prep.

Get Right – Jennifer Lopez

This tune is a nice chilled out one that’s still fun and feminine without being too loud. This is the one you and the girls dance to just before you finish the last bottle of hotel room bubbly. Plus (much like the Missy song) this tune gives you plenty of time to limber up in the privacy of your accommodation,  in preparation for the hip shaking dance moves later on in the night.

Can’t touch it — Ricki Lee Coulter

If it’s good enough for the Sex and The City girls then it’s good enough for the rest of us. This was the song that was played in the second film where they all enjoy a night out and a sing-song — surrounded by (you guessed it) girls. It’s always the song that I play when we’re all about to leave and start the night ahead, because it’s girly, fun and makes you feel like you’re part of some fashionable cosmopolitan movie.

Naturally the playlist includes some other classics as well, so the next time you’re getting ready and don’t want to faff around making a list, just play this one I’ve premade for you and enjoy getting ready with the girls!