Planning 101 3rd December 2014

Brides Can Break Tradition!

If there’s any occasion that throughout the years leans heavily toward tradition, it is weddings. Regardless of religious background, culture, or nationality, weddings are an occasion where as much as trends change and styles differ over the years, traditions remain for thousands of couples. One such tradition is that of toasts or speeches being made at the wedding receptions. Usually, the parents of the couple, the maid of honour, and the best man speak, and on occasion the couple say a few words together. However, traditionally, that the bride didn’t speak exclusively at their wedding reception.

Now, however, as many traditions are modified and the modern age bears witness to more progressive and expressive women, brides are taking their turn at the microphone. These days, not only will the bride stand and say a few words to her guests and wedding party, she is sometimes the only person who gives a speech. No longer is it left up to the man, the head of the household, the husband to speak on behalf of the couple. For some brides, speaking to a large crowd may come easier to them than it does for their husbands, and in their case, it makes perfect sense.

Order of the day

The best man, the maid of honour, and the parents, haven spoken first, will have shared their memories, stories, and best wishes to the new couple. A speech from the bride however, is the only opportunity the people for whom the entire occasion is about, will have to say a few words to both the bride and grooms’ friends and families. Giving a speech at the wedding reception is a perfect time to express how truly grateful you are to everyone who took time out of their day to attend, to your bridal party who invested time and money to make your day special, and to both sets of parents. If the wedding was financed by either set of parents, it is of good taste to publically acknowledge their help in making sure everything was taken care of. The bride’s wedding speech is also a great time to pay respects to any deceased loved ones or to give gifts of thanks to any special people, including the bridal party.

Not only is the bride making a speech at her wedding a great time for her to express her gratitude, but also, it is a great time to share some of the spotlight with her new husband. Brides are often the main focus on wedding days, so it is nice to allow the groom a few minutes of attention. Though by reception time brides have just publically declared their love and commitment to their new husband, often, the nerves and excitement can go by without a present and conscious thought. Now that the whirlwind of activity has subsided, brides can speak from the heart about all that their new partner means to them.

If sentiment means more to you than tradition, or if you just simply aren’t one for rules, then write a brides speech, practice, and stand with confidence on your big day and give it. Besides, who would dare tell the bride “no”?

Image courtesy of Kate Harrison Photography