Planning 101 11th August 2015

Floral Wedding Cakes

Floral design is a staple of most weddings and have long been featured on wedding cakes in the form of neat and pretty sugar flowers. Not long ago they were in danger of being relegated to the realm of girly and twee wedding clichés.  However they have been making a big comeback recently, with bolder, brighter and more organic arrangements than seen previously. From naturalistic wild flower arrangements, as seen in bouquets and arrangements by Grace and Thorn, to bold tropical floral prints as predicted to be a huge fashion trend for 2016. Floral design is evolving into something much more playful and exciting. Sugar flowers have always played a big role in our cake designs, and in some of our latest designs we have had lots of fun experimenting with different styles and colours. The selection below shows you different ways in which you can incorporate florals into your wedding cake and wedding themes and designs.

Marsala Blossoms

Naturalistic arrangement with wild flower blossoms and hand painting

The  Botanical Collection

Naturalistic arrangement with botanical style handpainted illustrations


Organic arrangements of wildflowers with bright tropical colours and geometric patterns

Purple Cascade

Bold purple flowers tumbling down the cake on all sides

English Country Garden

Inspired by the beauty of an abundant English garden in full bloom with bright and bold flowers bursting from the centre Images courtesy of Rosalind Miller Cakes.