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10 Amazing Destination Wedding Photographers

Weddings are beautiful. Watching two souls coming together and promising each other to stay together through thick and thin are the moments worth capturing. Therefore, the couples always rope in a preeminent wedding photographer for their wedding.

Every couple seeks the best wedding photographer to capture the special moments from their weddings. The moment they seal their wedding dates, the couples begin hunting for superlative wedding photographers. Even for destination weddings, the couples do not settle for anything less and hire the best destination wedding photographer.

The destination wedding photographers also make sure to gift the most stunning wedding album to their clients. They leave no stone unturned in surprising their clients with marvelous shots.

Here is the list of ten fantastic destination wedding photographers:

1.    OWO Photography

Price: £390 - £1,500 total

The duo, Sam and Oscar, are the names behind OWO Photography, one of the leading destination wedding photographers. The documentary style photographers have an eye for details and capture every moment in the most beautiful way. They capture natural shots and present them in the most poetic manner.

They offer undivided attention to one single wedding and hence, always manage to impress the clients with their work.

OWO Photography | Destination Wedding Photographers |

2.    DreaMediaUK

Price: £249 - £1,300 total

DreaMediaUK is one of the leading names in the industry. Having been covered every kind of wedding, be it Christian, African, Muslim, Sikh, etc., this wedding photographer and videographer has carved a niche for himself.

The wedding photographer covers London, Middlesex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, and many other destinations.

You can also get full-day coverage without having to worry about the bills as the photographer asks for no added cost for a day-long coverage.

DreaMediaUK is an affordable destination wedding photographer.

DreaMediaUK | Destination Wedding Photographers |

3.    Vanilla Scent Photography

Price: £800 - £900 total

Where the destination wedding photographer rates touch the sky; Vanilla Scent Photography is one of the cheapest destination wedding photographers. With this destination wedding photographer, you can expect a splendid wedding album at a budget-friendly rate.

The photographer offers complete commitment and day-long coverage without any added cost. You can expect to get your wedding album within two weeks of your wedding and this is where Vanilla Scent Photography gains all the cookie points.

Vanilla Scent | Destination Wedding Photographers |

4.    Cornwell Photography

Price: £1,199 - £1,749 total

With an expertise in various genres related to photography, Cornwell Photography is surely one of the finest destination wedding photographers. From traditional, artistic to reportage and journalistic, the wedding photographer is well-versed at any given style of photography.

The photographer has a way of getting along with the family and friends present at the wedding and then portraying their true emotions into the photographs.

Cornwell Photographer | Destination Wedding Photographers |

5.    Natasha Jay Photography

Price: £500 - £1,200 total

The destination wedding photographer believes in telling stories with the photographs. With an expertise in traditional and reportage style of photography, Natasha Jay Photography is synonymous with perfection. The photographer hunts for the best wedding shots and creates unforgettable memories by showcasing them in the most beautiful manner.

 The average cost of destination wedding photographer is very budget-friendly.

Natasha Jay Photography | Destination Wedding Photographers |

6.    Wedding Photography by John

Price: £275 - £3,000 total

With a burning passion of photography, John Woracker started Wedding Photography with John. His love, dedication, and devotion to photography have brought him to the list of the most coveted destination wedding photographers.

Available in the United Kingdom and Northern Europe, John has captured many weddings and has always managed to bring an ear-to-ear smile to his clients.

John is an expert in taking a variety of shots, be it a formal group shot or unadulterated candid moments.

Wedding Photography by John | Destination Wedding Photographers |

7.    The Luxestar Photobooth

Price: £500 - £675 total

Weddings are fun, and a wedding album should exactly reflect that; this is the ideology of The Luxestar Photobooth. The photographer believes in having fun in front of the camera.

For this destination wedding photographer, the true essence of photography is capturing the fun moments that could take you back to memory lane.

The Luxestar Photobooth doesn't just focus on the photographs but also, the way in which photographs are being presented. After the wedding, the photographer offers a stylish and gorgeous leather guest book containing the best shots of your day. The photographer uses the best quality props and off-beat backdrops to curate the most amazing wedding album for the bride and the groom.

Luxestar Photo Booth | Destination Wedding Photographers |

8.    Icy Lazare Photography

Price: £950 - £1,700 total

With a camera in hand and lot of creative ideas in head, this wedding photographer makes sure that her pictures transport the bride and the groom to an altogether different world. The photographer captures all the precious moments amidst the hullaballoo of the wedding venue.

Icy Lazare establishes a healthy bond with the couples and this helps her to depict the chemistry of the couples in the most real way.

Icy Lazare | Destination Wedding Photographers |

9.    Damien Vickers Photography

Price: £995 - £1,895 total

Capturing raw shots and fusing them with oodles of creativity; this is what Damien Vickers Photography is. The destination wedding photographer is an ardent believer of natural photography.

With a photojournalistic style of photography, Damien Vickers has captured many weddings. He refrains from repetitiveness and always brings fresh and innovative ideas to the table.

The photographer makes the clients comfortable by befriending them and then pulls out the best shots. He loves keeping his shots natural and doesn't tamper them with off camera flash equipment or editing.

Damien Vickers Photographer | Destination Wedding Photographers | 

10.    Blue Lily Weddings

Price: £1,200 - £2000 per item

The photographer goes wherever his work takes him.

Blue Lily Weddings have captured many weddings not just in the United Kingdom but in various corners of the world.

The photographer offers the most exotic wedding shots. He knows the perfect art of capturing emotions in the photographs.

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