Planning 101 10th July 2015

Three Ways to Create a Boho-inspired Look

Bohemian is one of the biggest trends for bridal looks this season…and has been strong almost every season for the last five years! The term Boho-Chic originated in the early 2000s as a style of fashion with various bohemian and hippie influences. The Boho look within bridal alludes to a completely relaxed atmosphere, being outdoors and also connects strongly with natural and organic themes. It is easy to see why the Boho look is so popular as weddings over the years have become increasingly more relaxed with a return to the rustic outdoors, barn weddings, outdoor ceremonies and beach receptions becoming the height of fashion.

Bohemian-style accessories can be easily recognised by the mix of natural elements and materials such as fabrics or leaf and flower motifs, fluid vine shape designs and a romantic aura overall. Here are five ways you can be inspired to create a Boho bridal look for your special day:

Floral Motifs

A Boho bridal look isn’t complete without even the tiniest flower, leaf or natural motif incorporated into a headpiece, jewellery or the wedding dress itself. Anything from floral lace appliques on the dress, a flower on a bridal belt, or a rose comb in your hair with trailing leaves.

Many Boho-inspired headpieces will incorporate a floral motif, leaves or even a trailing vine style element whether it is a crown, tiara, comb or clip. If you have chosen a wedding dress with a floral pattern or appliques, always try to choose a similar style of motif for your accessories. For example, a dress which features fabric rosettes on the straps will blend perfectly with a headpiece which also features roses or rosettes rather than a different type of flower.

Hair Vines

The 2016 bridal season has seen designers launching so many more designs of hair vine rather than solid tiaras and headbands. The hair vine is a fluid shape which works well within a relaxed atmosphere and creates a fairytale element if you have chosen an outdoor themed wedding.

A trailing hair vine is the perfect choice of accessory to accent a loose, flowing bridal hairstyle. There is plenty of choice from a single strand vine to an entire floral crown with ribbons to tie at the ends. A hair vine which incorporates flowers is better suited for a beach or destination wedding as it will echo the tropical climes and look amazing in the wedding photographs. A flower vine is more detailed than simply choosing a hair flower so will add detailed interest and a special touch.

Shoes with Floral Embellishments

A simple way of adding a Boho touch to your bridal look is by choosing the right style of wedding shoes. A pair of sleek, contemporary heels will simply not be adequate to fulfil a full-on Bohemian wedding theme. Many designers such as Diane Hassall and Harriet Wilde add luxury touches to their wedding shoes– the key is to look for romantic-inspired motifs and embellishments. Diane Hassall incorporates a fairytale element into her shoes with luxury suede roses, sequin—centre flower appliques and the most detailed lace organza fabric. Harriet Wilde offers the most beautiful Boho-chic inspired styles within her collection with delicate lace fabrics offset against ribbon ties, cute shoe-boot shapes and laser cut flowers to add a new dimension to the traditional floral theme!