Planning 101 7th February 2019

10 Great Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Engaged


Valentine's Day is always expected to be the most romantic day for couples. Planning for the day of hearts can sometimes hold a bit of pressure, especially if your previous February 14th’s have been extravagant. Now that you’re engaged and have moved onto the next stage of your relationship, you may be wanting to take your Valentine’s Day planning up a notch.


Are you the classic romantic or the wild-at-heart lover?  Or somewhere in between? We created this top 10 list with something for every type of couple!  Read on and get some ideas.


Send him/her on a romantic treasure-hunt 

Have fun with mysterious coded messages and clues to help your partner find your gift! Send him or her on a romantic and mysterious treasure hunt.   You may use trails of rose petals, love notes (your old ones will be perfect!), your favourite love songs, or objects that have special meanings for both of you. What’s special in this activity is that you can do it at home, on a romantic getaway or a place that holds the most significant meaning to you both. 


Cook a romantic meal together or sign up for a Chocolate Tasting or Truffle Making Class


Cooking together can be so much more romantic than eating at a full-packed restaurant. You can make it intimate by reminiscing about your love story. If you have the resources, sign up for a cooking class and learn how to make the best meal for each other. Take the romance up a notch by enrolling in truffle making and add some chocolate tasting on the side. This is a perfect way to give your significant other the love and effort they deserve.


Walk down the memory lane of your love journey

Visit the place where you first met, eat at the restaurant where you first had dinner, the spot where you first kissed, or where he proposed.  What about watching the film you first watched together? All these small details will surely get you back on memory lane, where you reminisce about the days when the two of you started dating. Take some mementos by recreating your past photos too. Add this Valentine’s Day as another important date in your love journey. It will make a lovely story to tell on your wedding day.

Take a tango lesson together and dance the night away

Dancing tango can be really intimate and sensual. It’s a perfect way to set your romantic spirits free! Dance with all your heart and soul. You can take other kinds of dance lessons, like rhumba or swing, if tango is too challenging for you. Take it a bit further by dressing the part and swing by a tango/salsa club and dance the night away.


Go on a romantic wine tasting trip or enjoy a “wine and cheese” night with other couples

 Explore and taste the romance through a wine tasting tour. Local and international vineyards automatically give off a romantic vibe. They’re a perfect romantic setting for a day of wine tasting. Speaking of wine, if you’re a very social couple, this is particularly applicable for those who have friends who are couples, too. This idea works well with old friends with whom you can share your personal stories together. This can be fun and at the same time can make for an enriching experience.  


Sing your hearts out at a karaoke bar 

The two of you may or may not have the most beautiful voices, but singing together, especially your favourite love songs, will make for a lovely harmony.  Visit the nearest karaoke bar, sing each other’s favourite songs and just enjoy the moment. 


Pamper yourselves on a spa day

It’s time that the two of you deserve a relaxing spa day. Get pampered from head-to-toe, try that treatment you’ve been wanting to try and of course, don’t forget that couples’ massage. This will relax you both with your pre-wedding jitters. Top it off with some tea and a relaxing day ahead.


Glamp Up at the Beach  

No need to take your romance out into the rugged outdoors, instead try Glamping. It’s a more luxurious version of camping but with better accommodation for you to spend the night. Here you will find champagne, a good mattress and sometimes even air conditioning inside the tent. Look for a beach glamping site where you can light up a bonfire and enjoy each other’s company at the beach.


Surprise your significant other with a hand-written letter 

Straight from the heart, hand-written love letters have become rare.  And, that makes it all the more special for the love of your life. Set up a special reading corner in a library for your loved one and read some of the greatest books on love. They say that the library houses the best love stories of all time. 


Get those take out numbers, curl up on the sofa and film marathon the night away

Find out each other’s favourite romantic movies or better yet, pick out their favourite genres. Use films that you’ve been wanting to sit down and watch as a couple, but perhaps haven’t had the time to enjoy. Nothing is better than spending Valentine’s Day all curled up on the couch and just being yourselves. No need to dress up, no need for fancy dinner dates. Just you and your take out, a good bottle of wine and a marathon of your favourite films.    


Pick one from the list or better yet, combine any of these activities together!  Surprise her, make him laugh. What’s important is you enjoy these activities and enjoy each other’s company on the most romantic day of the year. Engaged couples, we wish you well with your Valentine’s Day celebrations.