Planning 101 20th October 2013

Entertaining Younger Guests

Are you planning on having younger guests at your wedding? Maybe they are just going to come to your reception… either way; here are some great ways of making their day enjoyable, without spoiling the fun for you!

Hire an entertainer

If you have enough money in your budget and you know a lot of children will be attending your big day, maybe put aside some pennies for an entertainer. This is a fantastic way of engaging children and helping to keep them occupied. Even the adults may find it fun! You could hire a magician, a clown or even a face painter! This will be a great break in the day for children; otherwise, a wedding can be a long and tiring day.

Speak to your venue

Entertaining children at your weddingWhen you are booking your reception venue ask them if there is a spare room or a designated area where children can go to. Sometimes venues will cater for children and provide them with an area, a television and a bit of music, separate from the space which you will be in. This can work really well, they won’t be far from their parents but it will also give you adults a bit of peace and quiet!

Your DJ

If you are having a DJ at your evening do then discuss with him beforehand what sort of music you would like played. Try asking them to make the music appropriate for children too. This does not mean that your first dance has to be to the Y.M.C.A but with a few cheesy classics thrown in across the night, your younger guests are sure to be up and showing you how to dance!

There are many ways to keep children interested at weddings and if you are choosing to let them come then you have to accept they may be a bit noisy at times! This shouldn’t put you off though because, actually, your younger guests can make the day more lively and enjoyable for everyone! Try and think creatively when it comes to entertaining them… a chocolate fountain always does the trick!

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