Planning 101 14th July 2015

Catering - Everything in Miniature

Whilst big things are great on your wedding day, a large meringue wedding dress, magnums of champagne and as much cake as you can manage, we also love the little things in life and currently everything in miniature seems to be really on trend.

Mini Desserts

For dessert there are so many options available to you, from a plated option, to making the most of your wedding cake and serving it with seasonal berries and homemade ice cream. You could also create a dessert bar instead of a formal plated dessert which offers guests a wide variety of options from jars of Eton mess to truffle lollies and a selection of mini plated desserts - it will give everyone a little bit of something they love.

A fun twist which our clients have loved this season are our ‘savoury but sweet’ usherette tray. Playing on inspiration from summer snacks using fish and chips in cones, mini burgers and even mini pasties but all in dessert form, it confuses the senses and it will really get your guests talking.

Evening snacks

To reduce post-wedding hangovers, treating your guests to some evening snacks can play a vital role. Who doesn’t love something a little bit stodgy to soak up a drop of alcohol and keep you and your guests dancing until the early hours?

Bearing in mind when wedding season is in full flow your guests may go to a number of weddings throughout the season and you want your guests to be able to remember your special day and night. More commonly couples go for simple bacon butties or chips doused in ketchup. Why not serve a variation on these and go for something a bit different… even jazzing up a bacon butty with brie and cranberry jelly in a focaccia roll; or a delicious vegetarian option could be beetroot falafel in a mini pitta pocket with fresh tzatziki to offer your guests something that has had a little more thought projected into it and which excites the taste buds. You could even theme the evening food… go Italian with mini pizzettes, Argentinian with Empanadas, Indian with samosas or even create a ‘build your own mini burger bar’.

Another option to keep it mini in the evening…

A lot of the couples we work with opt for ‘mini meals’ to treat their guests late at night. Mini meals are exactly what the name describes, miniature versions of your favourite meals. These delicious, flavoursome and refined little plates or bowls are designed to be small enough to be eaten when standing and yet stylish enough so that you aren’t dripping gravy down your tie or onto your dress. This option will also ensure that you don’t miss all of the action on the dance floor and offers enough substance to reduce the sore heads in the morning.

Our favourites this summer are Steak, egg and chips, Fish and chips with mushy peas and our Wye Valley asparagus with pecan truffle pesto. Why not speak to your caterer and give input to design your own mini meals.