Planning 101 12th June 2014

5 Steps to Perfect Wedding Stationery

It's one of those things that pre-engaged you would have laughed in the face of. How could anyone ever get so stressed and pedantic over some measly stationery for a wedding?! Alas, now you have that ring on your finger, and bridezilla is lurking on your right shoulder, you NEED to get your stationery absolutely perfect! It's the first taste your guests get of your wedding, so ideally you want it to send out the right impression, and probably set the tone for the day. At the same time, don't stress it too much, people will coo and ahh over whatever you send, and as long as it serves it's purpose nobody will remember if it doesn't quite match the colour scheme you end up adopting!

Here are a few tips to help you along your stationery path...

Set your facts straight
There's no point even thinking about setting ink to paper until you're 100% sure of all the details. We're talking dates, exact times, addresses, relevant URL's and directions. Oh, and gift lists! We realise, therefore, that a hell of a lot of planning needs to happen before you can even think about invitations, which you'd probably thought was your first job!

Time it right
You need to send out your invitations around 6 months in advance. You can do it a little later if you've already sent save the dates (which is advisable if you're having a summer bash when people may be going away). So, considering that a great deal needs to be confirmed before you can send out your invites, you're going to need to consider how long they will take to make (DIY or ordered). If you have a short turn-around time, then probably order some simple ones which will arrive quickly, or, consider other options like e-invites!

Set the stage
If you're having a super formal 5 course sit down dinner, you want everyone wearing hats and a full orchestra, you probably need to indicate it's this kind of wedding on your invitation. Perhaps use more traditional wording, and choose and elegant, sophisticated style. If you're aiming for a relaxed knees up, with some quirky DIY features and a buffet, make sure your invite reflects this. Go for simple, fun wording, and a quirky style. We love Wedding Tea Towels for setting a fun vibe! If you do have a dress code, or an anti-dress code, whack it on so everybody knows what to expect.

RSVP to me
Make sure your RSVP instructions are very visible and clear. Any bride will tell you that one of the worst wedmin tasks they had to do was chasing up RSVPs! We advise including a pre-addressed envelope at least, if not a ready made card with a 'fill in the blanks' format to establish who's coming and maybe things like dietary requirements.

Stamp it out
Stamps is one of those strange little things that people don't think to factor into their budget. 100 invitation at 62p is a whopping, you guessed it, £62! And if you have abnormal sized invites then your stamps will cost even more!

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