Planning 101 29th September 2022

11 Stylish Wedding Transport Arrival Ideas

From Tuk Tuks to Tractor arrivals, the possibilities of how you can arrive at your wedding are ever growing. Essentially, if you can imagine it - you can usually make it happen if budget allows! We’ve listed below some popular options right now, from the purse friendly and memorable to big price ticket options that are guaranteed to wow. 

Drive Your Own Sports Car

Driving your own sports car is a popular option for any couples who are into beautiful cars, as your wedding day is the perfect excuse to drive one you particularly lust over. From a recent model to an old classic, the choice is entirely up to you! 

sports car


Stretch Limo 

A fun option that most of us don’t usually get the luxury to ride in, a Stretch Limo is a cool idea if you and your wedding party want to arrive in style. 

bride limo



If your wedding is happening by the coast, be it in the UK or abroad, why not arrive to your wedding by water? From canoes and row boats to fancy speed boats, pick the mode of transport that suits you and your wedding best. 



Two Wheels

Whether it’s a tongue in cheek motorbike and side car, a chic Vespa moped or a kitsch tandem bike, arriving on two wheels will always be a memorable option and is a nice way to show you as a couple united. 




Party from one venue to another with your guests in tow in the form of a vintage double decker bus that will make for some gorgeous photos.

wedding bus



If you’re having a wedding in the countryside and are already big fans of horses, why not embrace this hobby and arrive by horseback? If the horse happens to be your own, it’ll be a sweet and sentimental way to involve it in the day. 



Tuk Tuk

Perfect for both abroad weddings and those in the UK, Tuk Tuks are always a fun way to arrive to your wedding day and can be easily styled according to your wedding theme. 

tuk tuk



Having a wedding in London or New York? Travelling via an iconic black cab or yellow taxi is always a lovely way to give a nod to the city element of your wedding day. 

london taxi



Travel in absolute style and arrive at your wedding day via helicopter. Guaranteed to impress your guests and be a memorable part of your wedding day. 



Camper van

Cute and beachy, arriving by camper van will always be a lovely idea. With enough space to seat your wedding party too, you can crank up the music and have fun to and from your wedding. 

camper van



Ideal for a rural wedding and those with a country soul, travelling by tractor is both a fun (and often economical!) way to travel to and from your wedding.