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10 Fantastic Wedding Cakes London Has to Offer

Julia Child once said, “A party without a cake is really just a meeting”, and we couldn’t agree more with her. What’s a celebration without a cake? A delicious, fluffy cake with a thick and creamy icing is like a soul of any jubilation. And, as London loves to celebrate, you can always find a perfect cake here.

If you have selected London as your wedding destination, you must not worry about the cakes. Here are the 10 fantastic wedding cakes London has to offer.


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1. Golden cake for a grand celebration

If you are planning a grand celebration, all you need is this golden cake. This beautiful cake is a perfect pick for a larger than life wedding. The golden icing spells luxury. Adorned with edible pearls, the cake is absolutely gorgeous.

The cake is not just beautiful but also delicious. The fluffy sponge and creamy icing tickle the taste buds. Check out more fantastic cakes like this at Cake Create


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2. Exotic blue cake

Wash away the blues with this exotic blue cake. The most appealing thing about this cake is its colour. The blue icing calms the senses even before the tongue could relish on the flavour. The marble effect on the icing is soothing.

Talking about the taste, it is a delicious and spongy. With yummy chocolate icing on the top, the cake is a true winner. Check out it’s makers at the Little Cake Garden



3. Beautiful cake for beach wedding

The beautiful floral cake is a perfect pick for an easy-breezy beach wedding. Decorated with gorgeous edible flowers, this cake is spell-boundingly delicious.

The basic flavours manage to tantalize the taste buds to the core. The wedding cake gains the extra cookie points as it seamlessly blends with the theme of the wedding. If you are celebrating your wedding on a beach, you must opt for this beautiful wedding cake. The makers of this cake are Caked – have a look at some of their other stuff!


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4. Shimmer, shine, and sparkle

Your wedding venue is all set with the shimmer and glitter. The whimsical lightings are breathtakingly beautiful and perfectly go with your love for everything shimmery. But, why limit your love for shimmer and shine only to the decor?

If you have an ardent love for everything shimmery and sparkly, we have very good news for you.

This alluring cake is the best option for your big day. The beautiful cake gilded with gold and silver is especially made for the couples who harbour a love for extravagant tones like gold and silver. Blossom and Crumb are the makers of this beautiful cake.



5. Simple and alluring cake

If minimalism is on your mind, you must pick this sober and chic cake. Perfect for the couples who have an eye for simplicity, this wedding cake is delicious. Though the cake looks simple, the burst of flavours inside the mouth mesmerizes to the core.

The simple cake is decorated with pretty flowers made from dyed butter cream. From kids to adults, every single guest is thoroughly going to enjoy this angelic looking and heavenly tasting cake. Have a look at more of Fancy Tarts work here.


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6. Colourful cake for the wedding

Express your love for colours with this vibrant and kaleidoscopic cake. Yellow, orange, pink, and purple, the cake beautifully brings together, the various hues of a rainbow.  

The beautiful flowers in white, yellow, red, orange, purple, and pink, cascading down beautifully from the top, make the cake, a treat for the eyes.

It is not just a mix of various colours but also, a concoction of various savoury flavours. Also, the cake compliments the outdoor setting.

A perfect cake for a colourful outdoor wedding!

Check out more cakes like this at The Pretty Gorgeous Cake Company.



7. Scary and tasty

If you want to scare all the guests at the wedding, this is the cake for you. A beautiful cake base decorated with cute purple flowers and a scary skeleton sitting with all the peace in the universe; this idea is enough to give a whimsical twist to a basic cake.

This out of the box cake is for the couples who dare to think out of the box. If you are someone who always thrives on creativity and do not shy away from being different and bold, you must go with this cake for your wedding.

This cake from Rockabilly Bakery is tasty and fun. Your guests would surely cherish the experience of eating a skeleton.


8. Black and white wedding cake

Another boisterous cake for the couples who love to do something different!

This black and white wedding cake is quirky and fun. If do not want to opt for a simple looking cake festooned with regular decorative, you can order this cake for your wedding.

The black and white cake is surely going to garner a lot of attention. The asymmetrical tiers sitting on each other are going to gain the fancy of all your guests.

The black and white stripes are created using fondant icing by The Sugar & Spice Cake Company


london wedding cake

9. A sophisticated cake for a sophisticated wedding

A London wedding is synonymous with sophistication, elegance, grandeur, and dignity, and this cake ticks all the boxes of a perfect London wedding cake. It is very chic and charming.

The three-tier cake is covered with thick fondant icing. It is further embellished with edible pearls and opulent flowers created from butter cream. In pastel hues, the cake is an ideal option for a daytime wedding. Have a look at The Little House of Baking for more options!


10. Beautiful white ruffled cake

Who says ruffles are only for garments? This splendid cake is an excellent example of grace and good taste.

The sublime three-tier cake is simply gorgeous. The middle tier is bedecked with precise floral patterns. The ruffles created by creamy buttercream create a dreamy look. On top of that, the beautiful flowers adorning the cake make it the most splendiferous cake.

The fluffy cake is covered with rich vanilla icing. This cake is easy on the eyes and delectable on the tongue. Check out more of BellaBoo Cakes here.

Creating cake is an art, and these cakes are the most impeccable form of art.

These are the ten perfect cakes for the perfect London weddings. They are everything synonymous with creamy, luscious, mellow, and palatable. These cakes not just please the tongue but also appease the eyes.