Planning 101 3rd August 2015

5 Ways To Announce Your Engagement

So, you're just engaged!? Wahoo!! All you want to do is stand on top of a mountain and tell the world, right? I mean, surely everyone wants to hear this life changing news? But how to spread it? Traditionally, the bride's mother would send out handwritten notes to family and friends announcing her daughter's engagement. Nowadays there's often a snap on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter within an hour of the question being popped! Controversial? Perhaps. As tempting as it is to jump straight on your phone and pap that bobby dazzler now adorning your left hand, why not hold fire for 5 minutes to consider some other options.

1. The Snail Mail Way

holy shit One for the introvert yet somewhat eccentric couple. This traditional way of informing people of your engagement relys on you staying quiet until the post goes out. You'll still probably want to inform your nearest and dearest in person or over the phone, though! If you're able to plan a relatively quick wedding, and establish your guestlist sharpish, you could double this as a save the date!

2. In Person!

i got the ring Nothing beats sharing your joy and excitement with your closest family and friends in person. It's the best. To experience their delight and surprise and pop (another) bottle of champers will make it such a special experience. Invite your closest girls round for a night in and let them spy the ring themselves... that's always great fun!

3. At A Party

party Like the above, but on a slightly larger scale. Imagine throwing yourself a surprise party, except it's not a surprise for you, but for all the guests! Tell individuals or small groups to meet you for drink in a cocktail bar, unbeknownst to them that there will be several (or many) other groups or individuals joining them for an engagement party!

4. In The Newspaper

Benedict Cumberbatch engagement announcement We LOVE that Benedict Cumberbatch has reignited this old tradition of sharing your engagement news in the local paper. It's so quaint and adorable! Nearly all papers will have an announcements section you can email with the details, then you just need to remember to buy a copy!

5. Social Media

does this ring Of course, unless you're super edgy and totally unplugged, you're probably going to end up announcing your engagement via social media. And let me tell you, that's totally ok. Make sure you've told the necessary people in person or over the phone first (family and close friends) and then you're free to post. If you do choose this method of delivery, please, please, don't just post that cheesy picture of your manicured hand sporting the ring. It's tacky. There are many creative ways you can capture the moment that won't leave people wanting to vomit a little bit, just have fun with it!

5 ways to announce your engagement