Wedding Bands for hire

Your wedding day is essentially the ultimate party, and what does every party need? Music. So why not go all-out and have live wedding music played by a talented band. The right music really sets the tone for the day, can make it more romantic but it also keeps your guests entertained and happy. A great band will be something everyone will definitely remember.

  Wedding Bands For Hire  - Music Students for Hire

Music Students for Hire

The UK’s Number 1 provider of young musicians for functions and events. ...

£175 - £1,500 total
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - The Bears

The Bears

Officially the best wedding band in London! The Bears are proud to be ce...

£1,000 - £1,600 total
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - Fortune


FORTUNE are an award winning London based wedding band with a repertoire sp...

£1,500 - £10,000 total
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - Funk City Band

Funk City Band

*Special discounts for July 18* Funk City play fun, upbeat and classic so...

£850 - £1,490 total
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - Encore - Outstanding Wedding Musicians

Encore - Outstanding Wed...

Encore has the UK's largest selection of musicians, bands, singers and DJs....

£100 - £500 per head
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - Alive Network Entertainment Agency

Alive Network Entertainm...

For the UK's best wedding and party bands and entertainers for private even...

£250 - £2,500 per head
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - Bands For Hire

Bands For Hire

Live entertainment agency offering the most professional wedding bands in t...

£250 - £5,000 per head
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - Musicians Inc.

Musicians Inc.

Musicians Inc is an exclusive music and entertainment agency specialising i...

£200 - £3,000 per head
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - Warble Entertainment

Warble Entertainment

Warble Entertainment are the UK's leading wedding entertainment agency. You...

£250 - £8,000 per head
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - Save The First Dance Ltd

Save The First Dance Ltd...

Save The First Dance Ltd offer Bespoke Luxury Dance Services & Entertainmen...

£25 - £100,000 per head
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - earcandy


Exclusive Live Bands, String Quartets, DJs and Harpists by earcandy - desig...

£450 - £5,000 total
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - Cocktails & Dreams

Cocktails & Dreams

Cocktails and Dreams are five to eight piece function band performing at co...

£3,000 - £4,000 total
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - Jazz Lane

Jazz Lane

Vocal-led professional jazz band providing exquisite and classy musical atm...

£120 - £790 total
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - Live Music Quotes

Live Music Quotes

Live Music Quotes is the place to find quality musicians and DJs for your e...

£250 - £3,000 total
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - Diaspora


salsa band - vocals, horns, percussionists, available for weddings, parties...

£1,053 - £5,615 total
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - Phasma


Phasma is a contemporary and versatile soul, funk and R&B band, creating da...

£895 - £4,585 per head
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - 529


529 is a London-based group. Our mission is to bring classic and contempora...

£320 - £1,823 total
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - GrooveZoo


GrooveZoo are the complete musical solution for your wedding, creating the ...

£1,950 - £25,000 total
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - Fiesta Latina

Fiesta Latina

Fiesta Latina recreates the sizzling, scorching sounds of Latin America and...

£434 - £2,066 total
  Wedding Bands For Hire  - Azure Function Band

Azure Function Band

Azure is a premium London wedding band that performs a stunning array of mo...

£1,000 - £2,000 total

About Wedding Bands for hire

It’s not every day you hire a band, so the idea can be a bit daunting and full of questions. Where do I start? Choosing a band requires a lot of research. You could always ask around friends and family for recommended wedding bands, but there’s a good chance they have very different music tastes to you. Will they play the songs we like? The most important thing to search for is the type of music you like. Maybe you want jazz or rock, maybe acoustic covers of pop hits. Whatever your taste, there’ll be a band that does it, you’ve just got to be clear on what you want. You don’t want to hire a band that specialises in love ballads and then ask them to perform a jazz song because they’ll be out of their comfort zone. Most people want a good mix of different music, and there are definitely bands to accommodate that. It’s worth noting that while your opinion on the music is the most important, your guests have to listen / dance too, so a niche tribute act might not go down as well with them as it will with you.

Next, you’ll need to think about what kind of band you want. Do you want a female voice or a male voice? This can be based on the kind of songs you want to be played, although women can sing men’s songs and vice versa. There’s also the size of the band, a larger one would, logistically, be more difficult. Typically bands are 3-5 people, but there’s no harm in having more depending on what kind of sound you’re going for. You’ll want to choose a band with a level of professionalism - you wouldn’t want them turning up late or drinking too much and causing a scene. Another thing to consider is that the band will be there before and after the guests, setting up and packing away, so it’s good manners to offer food - you might want to budget for this when planning the catering.

Once you’ve chosen a band, be sure to have a clear conversation. If there are certain songs you know you definitely want, ask if they can. Plenty of bands for hire will have promo videos and demos on their websites to give you an idea of their unique sound. This is a great help but remember, live performances usually sound different to recordings, so if you’re really into a band but aren’t quite sure, you could always see if they have any gigs coming up so you can hear for yourself.

While the band are likely experts in music and have a lot more wedding experience than you, it is still your wedding, and you get to decide what you want, with a little guidance and inspiration from them. Here on Wedding Planner, you’ll find plenty of talented live wedding bands to get you started, so take a look to give you some ideas on wedding band prices, genres and reviews. If you need a little extra creativity check out our inspiration section for a look at real weddings.