Planning 101 2nd March 2013

World of Wedmin goes live!

After months of planning World of Wedmin has finally launched! We are now looking for wedding suppliers including photographers, florists, cake makers, caterers, transport and musicians to sign up and be able to receive genuine wedding enquiries directly from brides and grooms

As a wedding supplier myself (owner of Music Students for Hire) I understand the importance of receiving genuine enquiries to produce a high booking conversion rate. That’s why, I have created World of Wedmin, designed especially for wedding suppliers to deliver real enquiries from brides and grooms who have asked to hear from you specifically. As a listed supplier on World of Wedmin, you will receive direct enquiries from brides and grooms who have seen your profile and are interested expressly in your services. You can manage the maximum number of enquiries you want to receive, manage your calendar and counties you cover so as not to receive any useless enquiries.

It is virtually free (25p) to register, and you are not charged per click on your profile, you only pay for each genuine enquiry that you receive! You can choose to cancel your account and leave at any time! If you do receive an enquiry which you believe isn’t genuine such as spam, or even if a customer has spelled their email address wrong or missing a digit in their phone number, you can highlight the enquiry as “invalid” and we will reimburse you.

I want to make it easier for quality suppliers to get a steady stream of genuine enquiries.  I strongly believe in the future of this new site and would like to offer you a discount of £1 per genuine enquiry you receive until 30th June 2013 if you sign up by 9am on Monday 29th April 2013. It’s simple, if you don’t get any enquiries, it only costs you 25p.  If you don’t think the enquiries are real then say so and close your account at any time.  If you do get good enquiries, stay with us and build your business.  We’ll do our best to get you the quantity of real enquiries that you want. Visit to register!