Planning 101 17th June 2013

Why Have a Wedding Planner?

Getting married can take a lot of thoughtful planning and time. You want your big day to be the most special, memorable occasion of your life so far, but sometimes, juggling your work and planning a wedding can be very hard indeed. Or maybe, you just don’t know where to start! This is where a Wedding Planner can come in handy!

What do they do?

Do you need a wedding planner?A Wedding Planner is there to help you throughout your journey of engagement. They aim to make your wedding planning a lot less stressful and help you make decisions along the way, taking charge of all the little dates and details that need seeing to.

If you would like them to, they can plan everything from beginning to end. They will ensure that everything runs smoothly, even down to settling family disagreements if they arise! Give them your idea and they will work with it, as best as they can! If you want a themed wedding then they will help you have the wedding of your dreams. Whatever your circumstance you can call on their expertise and experience, whether it is advice you need or decisions to be made. A Wedding Planner will also be able to help on all aspects of wedding etiquette and traditions.

Wedding Planners charge for their services in a variety of ways. Usually they are able to negotiate discounts with suppliers so the cost to you is waived or reduced. However, whatever your budget is, having someone there to help you and advise you about your wedding can be a great investment!

Finding the perfect planner

If you choose to use a Wedding Planner, you will need to find the perfect candidate for the job. This can be quite time consuming in itself, but very worthwhile in the end. Make sure, when you are looking for your Wedding Planner, that you read what exactly they can do, what they specialise in and what their services cover. For example, some Wedding Planners may be fantastic at designing and using their creative streak but may not be able to handle the logistics, whereas another Wedding Planner may be great at the business side of things, but might not be on the same wave length as you when it comes to designing your big day. Once you have a feel for the person and you believe they are the right choice then arrange a meeting, first impressions always count!

A good planner will not take over your wedding, but will help you to choose the right venue or suppliers for your particular budget. They will negotiate and liaise between you and the supplier to ensure you are completely happy. This is why it is important to find the best possible person for you! You will be in contact with them a lot.

So…if you do choose to have a Wedding Planner help you throughout your planning stages then ensure it is someone you like and can see yourself getting along with! Whether you are just too busy to sit down and plan your wedding, or you need someone with an eye for all things pretty, then a Wedding Planner really can be your saviour.