Planning 101 11th May 2016

What On Earth Is A "Reverse Wedding"?

In this day in age, the wedding rule book has not only been thrown out of the window, but totally chewed up by the dog and tossed on the bonfire. Ladies and gentleman, meet the 'Reverse Wedding'. 

This emerging trend, growing in popularity stateside and beginning to pick up traction here, is perfect for Brides and Grooms who are all about the party. At a reverse wedding, guests attend the reception first (aka the party!) and the ceremony follows at the end. 
Why do this? I hear you ask. Well, if you're the kind of couple who like to do things a little differently, or view the wedding as an excuse to have a giant party (you're not alone!) then this set up is ideal. Traditional things like walking down the aisle and not seeing each other before the ceremony (some people's ideas of hell) are no longer. Instead the couple kick off celebrations together, along with all their favourite people, and party right up to the main event. 

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Intrigued? Here are 8 reasons why we think reverse weddings are totally worth your attention:

Budget Friendly

A reverse wedding lends itself perfectly to more informal venues and eating arrangements. Think buffets, food vans, or even BYO picnics. Banishing the traditional sit-down meal will really cut costs.

Summer Vibes

Though we can never be too reliant on the fabulous British summer, an afternoon in a beer garden (or even a park) with friends before all heading off to the registry office is the ultimate in laid back reverse weddings.

The Final Countdown

The ultimate in wedding countdowns! Having a countdown to the ceremony will help your guests maintain their momentum for the day, and pace themselves in their partying! It will also build suspense and excitement, and keep everyones focus on the main event.

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Photo Ops

You and your fiance can have all the boring couple shots (if you want them) before guests arrive and the partying begins. This saves you having to take time out between ceremony and reception - as is traditional - and allows you to devote your full attention to having a jolly good time.

Meet Me At Midnight

Thanks to some changes in the law a couple of years ago, couples can now legally marry at any time of the day or night, as long as the registrar or officiant is happy to do so. So technically you could have a new years eve bash and get married on the stroke of midnight! Now THAT is magical!

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Make An Entrace

Just because the ceremony is happening last it doesn't mean you can't make a grand entrance. Only, this way round, you can make an entrance together, hand in hand, whilst all your guests carry candles to light your path... dreamy.

Jet Off 

Reverse weddings make for wonderful exits. Ceremony gets done, confetti gets thrown, you jump in a taxi with your new husband/wife and jet straight off to the airport all aglow and in love. Or, to an afterparty at the hotel with some hardcore guests!

Outfit Changes

If there's ever an excuse for some serious outfit changes it's a reverse wedding. Party in something low-key and chilled, before changing into something MEGA for the ceremony. 

Naturally, there may also be the odd pitfall when choosing to do things backwards. Firstly, you NEED to make sure people don't get too smashed to enjoy (or remember) your ceremony. Guests will hopefully follow your lead on this one, but best to close the bar an hour before the ceremony just in case. Secondly, you'll need to find an officiant who is happy to do later hours if you're planning your ceremony outside of the normal 8-6 working day. Lastly, you need to make sure you communicate your plans well to your guests. Get them involved with the countdown, invest in some great entertainment, and make sure everyone is well fed.

Reverse weddings make a fantastic solution to anybody who is perturbed by the grandeur of the traditional wedding day, and for those looking for a low-key, low-budget party with friends. We're sold, are you?

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