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Wedding Videos - The Facts

Planning 101 • 12th October 2013
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A video captures more than just moving pictures; it can really capture the atmosphere of the day - the funny moments, the romantic ones and the bits and pieces you did not notice on your day!

What is a video maker?

Like a photographer, a videographer is an artist, and as such, he or she should be able to produce a video which is a pleasure to watch over and over again, not just by family, but by friends too. There should not be any part which makes you go to the fast forward button!

Wedding videographer

Choosing your video maker

A good videographer will, on popular days, be booked 18 months to 2 years in advance, so book early if you want the best! By saying the best, that does not mean the most expensive, and alternatively the cheapest is not always the worst. Do not be fooled by demos, ask to see a complete video, that way, you will see if a high standard is carried all the way through the production. Also ask for one taken within the last month, that way you can tell if he is popular or not.

A bad video is continual panning and zooming and of course that continuing wobble as they try to hold the camera still!

A professional will have his camera firmly mounted on a tripod or steady cam, and that way he can be unobtrusively in the background. He or she will not be filming all of the photographer’s line-ups. Why would you want a moving version of your album? There are plenty of other shots to film, which will include all of the guests, not just the wedding party.

Editing the video

Editing can make or break even the best footage, and around 20 hours is the common norm for a professional. Background music should be just that, in the background, and not drowning out the natural sound. Whilst talking of music, it should not be taken from copyrighted disks or tapes, unless you are prepared to pay the copyright fees.

Copyright fees

Most Church of England churches also charge a copyright fee if filming is to take place inside, this charge is for you to pay, not the videographer. The way round this is to tell the vicar you only want your ceremony filmed and not the hymns. It must be noted that the Church of England are the only denomination to make this charge. Vicars have the last say as to where a camera person may or may not stand. This is not always the best position. It is up to you to politely ask for a better position whilst attending the rehearsal; after all, you are the paying customer!