Planning 101 1st July 2014

Wedding Ponytails for Contemporary or Classic Bridal Hair

Ponytails are back in a big way and I’m not just talking about a last minute scrape for the gym!

This classic style (and some fabulous, contemporary versions of it) is one of the hottest trends for 2014 since it’s huge come-back debut on the London and Paris runways earlier this year, where it was heralded as the ultimate style by the likes of Chanel and Valentino.

Anything goes; from a simple, sleek low pony to a messy, matte finish right on top of the crown (got to love that ‘too cool to care’ edge!) or even that innovative bubble pony as seen on Olivia Wilde and Taylor Swift; and I am loving it for endless unique, bridal hair inspiration for all ages.

If you’re thinking that a ponytail might not work for you on your big day because it is too plain or scruffy, think again! There are so many ways to add cute little quirks and idiosyncrasies into this style and even subtly accenting with a few, choice accessories can go a long way. Jessica Alba wore one of my favourite takes on this timeless look way back in 2012 at the Environmental Media Awards (talk about being ahead of the curve!) with her show-stopping, hybrid style incorporating a tight, French braid in with a sleek, side pony, complete with a wraparound finish. This style is just so elegant and with its’ high shine and rigid structure keeping any flyaways at bay, it is perfect for a stylish summer wedding ‘do.

Sometimes with bridal hair, less is more, particularly if you have quite an ornate gown. It is absolutely vital, in creating the perfect style, that you take into account your outfit(s) for the day, as well as your accessories, your bridesmaids and even your surroundings – often there is so much going on as it is that it’s better to opt for a look that is simple, feminine and comfortable (especially in warmer months). Setting the hair in rollers for gorgeous shape and adding a little lift to the crown of a basic pony tail is really all that’s needed to leave you with a beautiful, almost Grecian style and bringing small sections out around the face also makes a gorgeous frame whilst softening your features and any fine lines. You can easily add a tiara if you want to go a little more ‘princess’ with it! This volumised ponytail is actually one of my all-time favourite wedding hair styles and it has recently been sported on the red carpet by Julianne Hough and Game of Thrones stunner, Emilia Clarke. It just exudes an effortless glamour that is hard to beat and makes a wonderful day to night transition style too - leave it up or easily take it down to reveal tumbling, sex kitten locks and you’re ready to dance the night away!

Find yourself some inspirational photos to bring to your hair stylist (or even to have a go yourself!) so that you can experiment with different variations. You may find that once you start playing, you’ll come across all sorts of other fantastic looks too, as the ponytail is the starting point for many other styles. You can easily twist, loop and braid up to create great buns, up dos and even bows! Why not give it a try and see what you come up with?