Planning 101 17th June 2015

Wedding Pearls - Choosing & Caring for Your Pearls

The starting point is always your wedding dress, but don’t underestimate the power of your jewellery. Your choice of jewellery should complement the style of your dress.

Pearls are like fingerprints; each one is unique making them a classic choice for many brides. They have been treasured since antiquity and revered for their iridescent, lustre and beauty.

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Pearl jewellery is versatile and can become a favourite that you will wear time and time again. Pearl designs are timeless classics which will make your bridal style always look fashionable and glamourous. Also pearls photograph brilliantly so are perfect for your big day.

Freshwater pearls look absolutely stunning with ivory or cream wedding dresses. However it is important your jewellery complements the design of your dress, you can do this through echoing the neckline of your dress. For example, a V-neck wedding dress looks beautiful with a pearl drop pendant and a round or scoop neckline looks stunning with a timeless single strand of pearls.

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Make sure you are choosing the right colour pearls that will match your skin tone, you don’t just have to stick with ivory or white pearls. Experiment with white, light pink and grey pearls, while you have your dress on. Often, two of the three colours will look lovely, but it’s rare that all three will.

Don’t forget your bridesmaids! Keep your bridesmaids’ jewellery delicate and simple to be consistent with your wedding look. A timeless pearl bracelet is a piece that can be worn on the day and adored years and years after with a strong emotional attachment to your special day.

Beautifully designed pearl jewellery will be cherished forever; however it does need to be looked after to remain in peak condition.

Top tips for looking after your pearls

  • Wear your pearls! Pearls become even more lustrous when worn next to the skin as the body’s natural oils keep them from drying out. So wear and enjoy them frequently.

  • Keep your jewellery safe and protected. Pearls are very shock-resistant but may get scratched, so it’s best to keep them separated from your other jewellery.

  • Keep them dry. Avoid your pearls coming into contact with water or products such as perfume and hair spray. It is also a good idea to give your pearls a gentle wipe after wearing them.

  • Check your pearls to see if they need to be re-strung. If the thread is stretching, discoloured or frayed you may want to have your pearls restrung.