Planning 101 2nd January 2019

Unusual Wedding Car Ideas

Making everyone's head turn while you are arriving at your own wedding will definitely make your big day one of the most memorable ones. Indeed, arriving in “style” will never be out of style. You have gone a long way in planning the details of your wedding, so why not make the most of everything? For additional surprises for your family and guests, you can pick some unusual transportation for your wedding. We have made a list of wedding car ideas to help you in choosing yours. This list will help you grab everyone’s attention.  So, do not wait for anything now, read on!

 Vintage Vehicles 


Nowadays, many couples are opting for a vintage theme on their big day. That is why the rise of these vintage vehicles as wedding transportion is continuously growing. These cars offer a timeless and classic vibe for your wedding. It can also give an ‘instagrammable’ background for your wedding reception. Depending on your wedding’s theme, a vintage wedding vehicle can make a great impact.


Get some fresh air with this uber-cool Vespa ride. This vehicle idea is perfect for spring, summer, and Tuscan-themed weddings. Just make sure you have the right bridal dress for this one. This is to avoid hassle and difficulty on your big day. This very intimate vehicle also gives some good photo opportunities for your wedding album.

Golf Car


If you are having an outdoor wedding, this golf cart might just be the perfect choice for you! It’s also very useful if your wedding ceremony and reception are beside each other. This way, you can use this fun and sporty vehicle to roam around both of your wedding locations.


Flatbed Truck


Feeling quirky? A flatbed truck is not as fancy as some other wedding car options, but this vehicle will give a retro vibe to your wedding day. Just add some little bits of ornamentation and decorations and this vehicle will be loved by many of your guests. It will also help add some cool wedding photos for your wedding album and social media accounts.


Yellow Taxi


Who would have thought that this commonplace transportation for others could also be an unusual idea for your wedding car? Well, a taxi with bridal flowers on the front will be a stunner for everyone. This will also look magnificent on any bride and groom souvenirs.




Surprise everyone at your wedding day by arriving via helicopter. This tranportation exudes luxury and power. But remember, using this will be a bit windy, so better remember to prepare your hair and dress for travelling in this style. This vehicle will also please your inner celebrity!


School Bus


Because why not? You can make this school bus look the part by adding some wedding decorations. A little music inside will also set the mood of the couple. This can also serve as your guests’ wedding transportation.


Big Red Bus


This cool red bus is a British classic and perfect for your unusual wedding vehicle idea. Like the school bus, it can also be used as a guest transportation vehicle from your wedding ceremony to your reception. In terms of photography, this massive red bus will be a feature and will look striking in your pictures.


Camper Van




A Volkswagen camper van is a fabulous option for couples that are looking for something quirky and unique in style. This vehicle can also transport guests! Just add some flowers and wedding decorations, and voila, perfect wedding vehicle for your style!


Skate Board




If you are one of the couples who loves skateboarding, then this unusual wedding “vehicle” will be suitable for both of you. For the groom, you can just wear your most comfy shoes and the rest will be fine. However, for our bride, it is better if you are wearing a shorter wedding dress. A heavy head dress would also not be recommended, if you are going to skateboard on the way to your wedding. You must also say goodbye to stilletos and say hello to your cool trainers.

These are the list of our unusual wedding vehicle ideas. We hope that we have inspired you enough to choose one of these! There may be a lot of choices, but always focus on what you want to have. If it complements the theme, then why not? Or if that vehicle makes you feel comfortable, then so be it. Whatever it may be, unusual or not, it is your wedding and it will be perfect. Claim it now.