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The Summer Wedding Suit

Planning 101 • 1st July 2014
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For those of you getting married in the summer - congratulations! However, the thought of wearing a suit, whether it is a three-piece or a two-piece could be somewhat daunting. Do not worry as there are many options that will mean you can look dapper whilst staying cool, throughout the summer months.

The linen suit

Most people decide on a linen suit for the warmer climate weddings- especially beach weddings.

The natural and sandy/ oat tones for linen look great on the beach however linen naturally creases, so bear this in mind when travelling.

A word of caution when deciding on your lining for a linen suit- depending on how light in weight and colour the linen is I would advise not going to dark in the lining as you do not want this to show through.

Lightweight check

Break the boundaries of the linen suit and try check.

This is great if you still want to go down the ‘vintage’ look and an overall winner if you are going for a church wedding in the country- fingers crossed for the English weather!

We recently launched our new fabric range ‘The ultimate range’ and there are a few fabrics in particular which would be perfection itself for the summer.

Groomswear Fabrics for summer
Brown check superfine kid mohai Pure wool- lightweight

Lightweight colours

Currently the bright blues are very popular but for summer tones you have a choice of many - ranging from creams, sandy tones, greys and blues.

The versatility is wonderful; especially if are running a theme throughout the wedding, there is a colour and tone to cater for all.

Groomswear Fabrics for summer

Suit design

A two-piece jacket and trouser suit is always a popular choice but this doesn’t mean this is your only choice, look at all options. I always recommend a three-piece.

If you wear a three-piece, again, go for the lightweight fabric and to ensure you don’t overheat I always advise to have the lining on the waistcoat back instead of cloth all the way around- essentially the waistcoat is a male corset.

Opting for a three-piece gives you more versatility as you can wear the suit as a jacket and trouser two-piece or simply wear the waistcoat and trousers. Three pieces are a very strong choice if you are getting married abroad and then having another shin dig back home. Plus, on top of all that, you will find you will get more wear and options out of your suit for years to come.

The elements to keep in mind when looking for your summer wedding suit-

Fabric choice- will be narrowed down by the location and theme of your wedding.

Getting married abroad- check with your wedding planner/hotel organizer to see if they could provide a steamer to vanish any creases (even if this isn’t needed this will provide piece of mind for your bride!)

Give yourself time to collect fabric swatches and work out the tones that work for you and your wedding.

Lastly- enjoy every second of your big day! -