Planning 101 30th January 2015

The Rise of a Double-Breasted Jacket

Double Breasted Jackets have been on the up for the past few months, proving once more that suit doesn’t ever age. The new era of ‘Hipsters’ has helped to boost this back into the tailoring industry. Here are a few key points to consider when picking your DB:

1. Your Body Shape

If you are of a medium or tall build a double-breasted jacket is better suited to your shape. Modernise your look by tapering in the waist to keep a neat finish and show off your shape, this also enhances your shoulders for that real masculine outline. Often gents with a smaller physique wear a double breasted to give the appearance of a bigger build.

2. Go traditional on lapels

Peaked lapels have always been the ‘norm’ for a double-breasted Jacket. On a few occasions there have been notched lapels, but this does not work as well as the peaked as you lose that line and definition that accentuates your shoulders which makes the DB so special.

3. Fabrics Choice

Keep it classic! Go for a wool content that is great for wearing all year round. Plain cloths are certainly versatile, deep charcoal wool or a navy is a fantastic for wearing on a day-to-day use. My personal favorite is Prince of Wales Check, again versatile but also stand out for a wedding suit. Break the mold of the single breasted, you should all have at DB in your wardrobe or failing that, try a double breasted waistcoat under your single breasted jacket.