Planning 101 2nd October 2013

Schedule of Events for your Big Day

Everyone has a different idea of how they want to spend their wedding day and the choice is entirely up to you! This should be the best day of you and your husband-to-be’s life so far. Traditionally though, here are some of the events that will be happening at different stages and places throughout your day.

The Bride’s home:

The hairdresser and makeup artist arrives
The bouquet and buttonholes are delivered
The photographer arrives
Everyone gets ready!
The bridesmaids and the bride’s mother depart for the ceremony
The Bride’s father leaves too

Elsewhere, at the Groom’s house:

The buttonholes will be delivered
The best man will be frantically checking if he has his speech perfected!
Everyone will get ready
The household will leave, ready to arrive at the venue before the bride

The venue before the wedding:

The flowers will be delivered and decorations will have already been put up
The photographer will arrive
The Groom, Ushers, Attendants will all begin to arrive at the venue
Cue the arrival of the Bride!

And the wedding begins!

Photographs will be taken at the venue
All the guests leave for the reception

The reception venue before the wedding:

Flowers will be delivered and the place will be decorated
The toastmaster will arrive
The cake will be delivered and set up

The reception venue after the marriage ceremony:

The guests arrive and, of course, the Bride and Groom!
Welcome drinks and a mingle with the guests
Your wedding breakfast
The cutting of the cake
Your evening guests will begin to arrive
Your first dance!
The throwing of the flowers often happens now

And then… the night is yours!

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