Fashion & Jewellery 17th June 2023

Popular Engagement Ring Terminology – Explained

If you’re looking to buy an engagement ring, you may feel a bit swamped by so many styles and unfamiliar phrases. So, if you’re struggling to see the wood from the trees, here’s a simple guide from online jeweller, Infinity Diamond Jewellery explaining some of the most popular terminology. 

Buying an engagement ring is a very exciting time, but you may find some of the terms a bit confusing and with a never-ending choice – it can become a bit mind-boggling! While some descriptions are pretty self-explanatory, others – not so much. Here’s a brief outline of some of the most popular styles to help you navigate your way to finding the ring of you – or your partner’s – dreams! 


We start with one of the most popular and timeless styles – the solitaire. As the name suggests, the solitaire boasts a single stone and is one of the most classic styles of engagement ring. These solitary-stoned beauties rely on nothing but a central dazzling gem to steal the show and never go out of fashion. The solitaire can be any stone, shape, cut or size. While any cut stone looks fabulous, a firm favourite is the elegant and traditional round cut. 

Round cut moissanite engagement ring


Oval cut moissanite engagement ring


Emerald cut moissanite engagement ring


While looking for an engagement ring you’ll definitely see the phrases halo and hidden halo – but what do they mean? A halo is a border of smaller gemstones which surround the centre stone, forming a dazzling frame and adding an extra level of sparkle! 


Having the centre and halo stones the same colour, gives a modest size gemstone the illusion of being much bigger and is a clever way to get a real head-turner at a more affordable price.

This opulent feature was first seen in the Georgian era, then during the Victorian period, it became the ultimate accessory to have a coloured centre stone, with a halo of contrasting diamonds to really highlight the main stone. The most famous example of a halo engagement ring is the incredible Ceylon sapphire, surrounded by 14 diamonds in Lady Diana and now, Catherine Middleton’s engagement ring.

Lab created blue sapphire art deco vintage design


Cushion cut moissanite engagement ring, with halo


Heart cut moissanite engagement ring, with halo

Hidden halo

Like the halo, a hidden halo is a clever way to add extra sparkle to your engagement ring, only more subtle than a regular halo. It adds an extra dimension from different angles and can be included with all stone cuts. A hidden halo isn't usually visible from the top view, but the twinkle becomes noticeable when looking at the ring from the side.  

There are various methods of adding a hidden halo to rings, depending on the setting design and we think it’s a wonderful way to add a surprise feature to your dreamy ring!  

Radiant cut moissanite engagement ring, with hidden halo

Round cut moissanite engagement ring, with hidden halo

Cushion cut moissanite engagement ring, with hidden halo

Trilogy or three stones

A three stone ring is a piece of true beauty, with a unique meaning not everyone knows about. Most often with a larger central stone, flanked by two smaller stones, this stunning design works with any stone cut or colour. Aside from them being a wonderful design, the story behind the three gemstones makes them an especially poignant choice for an engagement ring. 

Tradition says, the three stones represent the couple’s past, present and future together, with the larger centre stone embodying the couple's present. This romantic description is one of the reasons the trilogy ring has become a popular choice among modern couples. Like the halo ring, this style became popular during the Georgian era and remains one of the most timeless and versatile styles of engagement ring. 

Round cut moissanite, trilogy engagement ring

Oval & pear cut moissanite, three stone engagement ring

Marquise cut moissanite, three stone engagement ring


If you love all things modern and minimalist, a contemporary ring may be the perfect choice for you. Modern engagement rings often include new jewellery making techniques and unusual characteristics and these new designs breathe fresh life into traditional styles.

Often featuring smooth lines and unconventional stone settings, modern styles utilise clever techniques to give the illusion of floating stones and offer new ways to represent your engagement. 

Oval lab-diamond, twist band engagement ring

Oval cut moissanite engagement ring, with stepped edge

Princess cut moissanite engagement ring, with channel

Vintage inspired

And while we love contemporary styles, there’s something so romantic about classic jewellery and all the history that goes with it. There’s a wide range of vintage inspired rings available that are simply stunning.


Diamonds, pearls, rubies and sapphires set in silver were favourites of the Georgians. The distinctive art-deco styles – influenced by their fabulous architecture and fashion – produced engagement rings featuring bold patterns, straight lines, triangles and arcs, with brightly coloured gems. The Victorians loved nature and created intricate floral and leaf designs out of metalwork to reflect this. And, vintage engagement rings never go out of fashion.

Art-deco style, ruby & moissanite engagement ring and wedding band

Vintage style, round cut moissanite engagement ring

Edwardian style, moissanite & opal engagement ring


And you don’t have to go down the traditional route at all, if you don’t want to. It’s important your engagement ring reflects your personality and style, so take a look at some more unique styles to find something that’s perfect for you. 

And there’s no need to spend an astronomical amount to get the perfect ring. Gone are the days when all engagement rings included a traditional, mined diamond – you can really go for anything! Moissanites are an amazing alternative to diamonds if you want a colourless gem on a budget and don’t forget the myriad of rainbow stones to choose from! 

Pear cut, lab-emerald engagement ring

Oval cut aquamarine & moissanite, Art-deco engagement ring

1.2ct round cut citrine engagement ring