Fashion & Jewellery 17th August 2015

Jennifer Aniston's Wedding Dress! - Oh wait...

So the internet went into meltdown last night after 'Jennifer Aniston' posted a picture on her unofficial and unverified Facebook page of what we were led to believe was her in her wedding dress.

Upon initially seeing the post I became swept up in a fan girl frenzie and immediately shared 'the dress' on all social outlets. I love Jen, I love dresses, it made sense.

However, on further inspection, it quickly became apparent that something was a bit on the fishy side!

Firstly, reports from those who were actually at the wedding said that, true to her style, Jen's dress was simple, elegant and a tad boho. Words I would not use to describe this slinky, extravagent number.

Secondly, the shot came with the caption "You have my whole heart for my whole life. #WeddingDress" - not exactly Jen's style.

And lastly, we can find this exact dress. NAY this exact picture(!) in the collection of esteemed bridal wear designer Dalia Manashrov. Well pointed out Kimberley Dadds of Buzzfeed!

Ah well... our bubble is well and truly burst, and Jen's actual dress remains shrouded in mystery.

But what better way to start a Monday than to appreciate what a STUNNING dress this actually is, and enjoy the rest of the collection!

We still love you Jen, and for the record, you would have ROCKED that dress...