Planning 101 21st July 2014

It Pays To Pay - Why Wedding Photography Is Worth The Money!

When planning a wedding and working out your all important and ever so stressful wedding budget, you may come to realise that a hefty chunk of your cash is destined for your chosen wedding photographer.

'But why is that so?' I hear you ask, 'Anyone could point and click', or the ill informed 'One days' work for all that money?!' or the age old misconception that it'll be OK to have 'Uncle Bill's pal do it on the cheap, he has a camera I think...'. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

Working so closely with an abundance of absolutely AMAZING wedding photographers we at World of Wedmin feel their frustration when these questions get asked. Even for the most budget of budget weddings (and we LOVE a budget wedding), spending on your photographer is not only well worth it, but also imperative if you'd like a professional job doing!

The trouble is, that most people actually don't have much of an idea about how a photographer works, and what it takes to produce your amazing wedding photos. There's so much which goes on behind the scenes that you as a couple barely get to see. The wedding day itself is merely the tip of the old ice berg!

For all you cynics out there who still don't fully comprehend where all that money actually goes, our awesome Italian photographer friend, Francesco, who can provide you some pretty great wedding photography in Tuscany if you're heading that way, made this funky inforgraphic to help you out.

Incidentally, if you're on the hunt for a wedding photographer you can find a whole load of lovely one's right here.

The costs of wedding photography