Fashion & Jewellery 16th June 2023

How To Take Care Of Your Engagement Ring: Maintenance Tips

An engagement ring often symbolises the exciting promise of a life together. It's a cherished piece that holds both sentimental and monetary value. The sight of that diamond sparkle can bring joy, as it represents love and commitment. However, it requires proper care and maintenance to keep it shining brightly and looking as good as new. 

Here are five tips to properly maintain and take care of your engagement ring: 

1. Go To Regular Professional Check-Ups 

One must recognize the value of regular professional check-ups in keeping an engagement ring at its best. As part of the maintenance process, these visits comprehensively assess the ring's condition. If you purchased your ring from one of the best places to find engagement rings with lab-grown diamonds, a professional gemologist can give you tips on how to best take care of your ring.

Regular professional cleaning involves not only checking for loose stones or potential damages but also performing a thorough cleaning, ensuring every nook and cranny is addressed. The jeweller's specialised tools and expertise can reach places that home cleaning might miss, thus prolonging the ring's brilliance. 

As mentioned, beyond maintenance, these regular visits are also an opportunity to gather valuable ring shopping tips. Jewellers often possess a wealth of knowledge on different styles, gemstone qualities, and maintenance techniques, contributing to a more informed and confident shopping experience in the future. Therefore, treating these appointments as informative sessions can immensely aid in enhancing the longevity and beauty of your cherished engagement ring. 

2. Regularly Clean Your Ring 

Keeping your engagement ring dazzling and radiant isn't a tough job when you follow a regular cleaning routine. It's all about using gentle methods that won't damage precious materials. Undoubtedly, this task isn't just important; it's downright essential. 

When selecting cleaning solutions, avoiding abrasive or harsh chemicals that could damage your ring's delicate shine is critical. A simple and effective method involves a combination of warm water and mild dish soap, creating a soft and gentle solution perfect for a comprehensive cleaning. Your engagement ring should bask in this concoction for about 20 to 30 minutes to loosen any dirt or residue. 

After it's soaked, you'll want to reach for a soft toothbrush. This tool effectively dislodges stubborn particles without scratching the metal or gemstone. A soft, circular scrubbing motion is typically the most effective. Remember to rinse your ring thoroughly to remove any soap left on the ring. Lastly, always dry with a soft, lint-free cloth to avoid water spots or additional residue after cleaning your ring

3. Avoid Over-Cleaning 

While the desire to keep your precious engagement ring gleaming is natural, refrain from falling into the trap of over-cleaning. The reality is that too much cleaning can inadvertently damage the ring's metal and stones. It's wise to limit cleaning sessions to once or twice weekly to preserve the integrity and lustre of your ring. 

If uncertainty looms, seeking advice from a professional jeweller becomes invaluable. They can provide tailored cleaning guidelines for your specific ring, ensuring its longevity. Balancing cleanliness and care truly help your engagement ring maintain its stunning sparkle. 

4. Implement Everyday Precautions 

Implementing everyday precautions is vital to preserving your engagement ring's pristine condition. It's a delicate piece that can be vulnerable to the hustle and bustle of daily life. Recognising and avoiding potential threats can go a long way toward safeguarding your ring. 

Certain activities inherently pose risks to your ring's integrity. These include but aren't limited to, tasks involving harsh chemicals, intense heat, or even physical exertion. These can scratch, discolour, or even dislodge your precious diamond. As such, it's often wise to remove your ring during activities like gardening, cleaning, or exercising. The idea is to shield your ring from potential damage caused by hard knocks or chemical exposure. 

Here are some straightforward tips to assist in practising everyday precautions: 

- Avoid wearing your ring when applying makeup, lotion, or perfume, as these products can cause buildup that dulls its sparkle. 

- Always remove your ring before swimming. Chlorine can discolour metals like gold and platinum. 

- Consider wearing gloves during household chores to protect your ring from cleaning agents and accidental knocks. 

- Be mindful of your ring when exercising. Weightlifting, for instance, can warp the shape of your band. 

With a few adjustments to your routine, you can ensure that your precious piece maintains its sparkle and integrity for years. 

4. Ensure Proper Storage 

Ensuring proper storage is another crucial step in caring for your engagement ring. When you're not wearing it, the place where you store it plays a pivotal role in maintaining its lustre and condition. 

A fabric-lined jewellery box or a soft pouch offers the perfect sanctuary for your ring when it's not gracing your hand. These storage options protect your ring from unwanted scratches or dings. Aside from this, here are other storage tips: 

- Always place your ring in the same designated spot to avoid misplacement. 

- Consider using a jewellery box with individual compartments for each piece. 

- Avoid storing your ring in high-humidity areas, as moisture can cause a tarnish. 

- Avoid exposing your ring to direct sunlight to avoid damaging the colour and condition of the metals and gemstones. 

- Consider wrapping your ring in a soft cloth for extended storage to keep dust away. 

Following these storage practices ensures your ring's safety and preservation, maintaining its captivating sparkle even when not worn. 


Taking care of your engagement ring is a manageable task. By getting regular professional check-ups, keeping it clean, avoiding over-cleaning, taking everyday precautions, and ensuring proper storage, you can maintain the sparkle and shine of your engagement ring for years to come. As a symbol of love and commitment, your engagement ring truly deserves the utmost care.