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Hairstyles for Your Bridesmaids

As your big day draws near and the finessing begins, you may find yourself receiving panicked emails from your loyal bridesmaids about what on earth they’re going to do about their hair & makeup. If you’re already having your hair done professionally, it’s always worth enquiring with your stylist about prices for additional party members, as it usually costs WAY less than you might imagine and saves an awful lot of stress and upset on the day itself.

If you have already planned your bridal ‘do, then that’s a great start and makes the bridesmaid process a little easier. As a general rule, bridesmaids tend to go for the opposite of what a bride is wearing; so if you’re going for something put up, then maybe they should consider a loose style or half up half down and vice versa. Another thing to consider is whether all your girls are wearing matching dresses (and therefore it might be nice to have matching styles too) or are they all going for something individual. It can be very helpful to select dresses BEFORE settling on a hairstyle, as often the neckline and cut will determine what sort of style fits best.

If the bridesmaid dresses are strapless then investigate some tumbling down ‘dos; a high neckline? Always go for an up style to show it off; and if the dress has shoulders (both or one sided), go for something that evens it up – so if the dress has one shoulder on the right, try a lovely, low bun or braid pulled to the left.

It’s also very popular for bridesmaid styles to look a little less ‘done’ so as not to draw attention away from the main event! It is your wedding day after all and the last thing we want is for your to blend in! For your bridesmaids, consider some beautiful, tousled buns or lightly curled half up half down dos with a few hidden braids for added intricacy.

Whether your girls decide to get coiffed professionally or go it alone, it can be tough to choose final looks – and when you think about all the photos that you’ll be having taken, it’s well worth taking some time to consider the options. Red carpet inspiration is always great for this, so get Googling the latest award ceremonies and flipping through magazines. Don’t feel shy about asking your stylist for their advice too – they should be more than happy to help you figure out exactly what you’re after. It is our job, after all!

Here are some of my most popular bridesmaid looks for inspiration!