Planning 101 2nd June 2014

Find out how to make a great Groom speech

Congratulations! You have officially tied the knot, married the love of your life, and have forever changed the trajectory of your life, for the better. By the time you arrive at your wedding reception, the ‘hard’ part is over; but, for some grooms, their grooms’ speech can be more nerve-wracking than nervously standing before their new bride, exchanging vows. Even if you aren’t known for your public speaking prowess, with a little preparation of some sincere expressions of your own, you can deliver a short and sweet grooms speech that will be remembered and enjoyed by all.

Gratitude First

Traditionally, the parents of the bride pay for the wedding, so, out of respect and appreciation, begin your speech by thanking him, his wife and/or the mother of the bride. Extend an inclusive thank you to the family of your spouse for attending and express your appreciation for being welcomed into their family.

Thank your parents for raising such a great son, for loving your new bride, and for all of their help during the preparation of your wedding. Thank your extended family for their attendance, and for welcoming your spouse into the family.

Lastly, greet and thank your guests; attending a wedding means reserving the space in their schedules, purchasing a gift, and maybe even required them to take off work or find a babysitter. Express your appreciation for everyone taking time out of his or her day to share in your special day. Be sure to scan the room as you speak so all in attendance feel included.

Gush Last

Here is the time when you get to fawn and gush over your new wife and excitement for your newlywed journey and lifelong marriage. Reserve this portion of your speech to speak specifically to and about your new, beautiful bride. Share with everyone a brief story about meeting, falling in love, and when you knew she’d be ‘the one’. Take the liberty and opportunity of a captive audience to publically share the joy in your heart and your gratitude to her for marrying you. You can include an appropriately humorous story from your time dating, or maybe something funny that happened when you proposed. No matter what you decide to share, make sure it’s something that she won’t mind everyone knowing, and that sheds a beautiful light on the type of person she is, her character, and your love for her. When you are nearing the end of your speech, be sure to turn and look directly at her. Express a personal thanks and expression of love toward her, maybe recite your favorite quote, or lyrics from the song that is special to the two of you. Tell her your wishes for the future and reiterate your commitment to her as her husband.

Lastly, offer a toast to your new bride, new family, and your future together; ask everyone to raise their glass to join you, and after the “cheers”, seal your speech with a little kiss for your bride.