Planning 101 26th February 2018

Get Fit With Your Fiancé: Week 1

It's fair to say we all want to feel our very best on our wedding day, but having a self-motivated fitness regime in the lead up to the wedding can often feel a little scary if you're not a natural born fitness bunny. 

So why not make things more fun and get your fiancé involved? We're delighted to be sharing with you over the next 8 weeks a fitness regime especially for couples from the lovely personal trainers at WeGym, who are real advocates for team fitness. There's so many amazing things about working out in a team: someone else to help motivate you, it's way more fun and it's a great way to set aside some quality time together each week. Sounds good, right? 

This is how it's going to work:

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The whole thing should only take half an hour out of your day and we recommend doing the routine three times a week. Each week for the next 8 weeks we'll be giving you a fresh and exciting new routine to work on. 

All you need is you, your partner, some tunes and a little bit of space in your home. If you don't have enough room, why not try the local park like us?

Prepare to giggle, have fun and start to collectively feel A-MAZING and pumped for your big day. 

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WeGym are London based personal trainers who are on a mission to make personal training accessible to all! By buddying up with a friend (or they'll match you with someone of similar fitness ability) WeGym make your sessions not only more affordable, but more fun! Find out more about them here.


 Week 1 Routine 

Warm Up Exercise: Partner Star Jumps

It's time to get warmed up and ready to go with 12 reps of star jumps. 


Exercise 1: Partner Commandoes

Start in a plank position on your forearms. Push up on your left hand so that your arm is straight and repeat on the other side so you have both arms on the floor ensuring your back is straight at all times. Come back down onto your forearms again one side at a time. Repeat for 12 reps. 



Exercise 2: Raised Feet Crunches and Partner Squats

With one of you getting in press up position, the other needs to hold their feet and squat whilst the other does a push up at the same time. Ensure you both keep a straight back. Repeat for 12 reps. 


Exercise 3: Roundhouse Kicks

Facing one another, take it in turns for one of you to carefully kick and the other to duck simultaneously. Repeat for 12 reps. 




Exercise 4: Squats Walk Side to Side

Facing each other but a little distance apart, get into a squat position and walk in a crab-like fashion towards each other and then apart again. Repeat for 12 reps. 


And voila, that's it! Save this page to your favourites and come back and complete the routine another two times this week. We'll check in again next week but until then, have fun and enjoy whilst we cook up the next routine! 

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