Planning 101 20th October 2013

Double Weddings

A double wedding follows the same legal requirements as a normal wedding would, the only difference being that you are sharing you day with another couple. Maybe it is your best friend or your sister? This can be a lovely way of making some beautiful memories for both couples.

What happens?

“Who goes first” should be decided beforehand, there are no hard and fast rules. Usually, if the brides are sisters, the elder sister walks up the aisle first and makes her vows. If they are not sisters, the elder groom and his bride take their vows first.

Double WeddingIn the entrance procession, the first bride will be escorted by her father, followed by her attendants, then, if they are sisters, the second bride is escorted by her father, with her attendants. Alternatively, a male member of the family could escort the second bride, but the father usually gives away both girls.

The two grooms wait at the front with their best man. As the first bride arrives, the first groom stands in the aisle with the second groom to his right. The attendants of the first bride stand to the left and those of the second bride stand on the right. At the rehearsal you will be able to check that there is enough room to do this or make alternative arrangements!

During the ceremony, when the time comes for the couples to make their responses and vows, each couple will complete this section individually.

With the procession back down the aisle the first bride and groom could be followed by the second couple, with all of the attendants following. Or, you could have the first bride and groom, followed by their attendants and then the second bride and groom, followed by theirs. This is your decision and you can work together to decide what works best!

If you are then continuing to share your day, both sets of guests will follow you to your reception venue, if not, after the service you will say your goodbyes.

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