Planning 101 28th July 2014

A Guide To High Street Wedding Cakes

Here are WP we're huge fans of extravagant wedding cakes; huge, chocolatey, intricately decorated, covered in flowers and oozing class and elegance. Unfortunately, however, these things tend to have a detrimental effect on one's wedding budget. If your budget doesn't allow for such indulgences, the cake is an easy place to look to scale down. You can go for something simple, opt for a cake alternative (like pie, we LOVE pie), buy a simple one and decorate it yourself, or, you can be sneaky and add a 'behind the scenes' wedding cake.

Top high street cakes

There are a couple of high street shops who have really stepped their game up recently in the cake department. As with any good bakery, some of the cakes do still have pretty hefty price tags, but many have a designer look, without the designer price tag. Here's our pick of the best. These beauties are courtesy of Marks and Spencer's and are all priced between £199 and £349

m and s £199 m and s 219 m and s £229

m and s £279 m and s £329 m and s £349  

These ones come from Waitrose who have awesome guest cake designer, Fiona Cairns (of Royal Wedding fame) in the designing seat! These lovely cakes are priced from £295 to £445. waitrose2

Decorate you're own

As long as you don't have super high expectations of yourself, it can be a great money saving method to buy a plain cake and decorate it yourself. We probably wouldn't recommend attempting teeny weeny delicate edible flowers, even piping can be a bit of a challenge to the less artistically gifted. But opt for adding some nice ribbon, or ask your florist to dress it with fresh flowers, et voila - designer cake designed by you!


'Behind the scenes' wedding cakes

This crafty way to save money means you get to feed all of your guests at a reasonable price, AND get the cake of your dreams. Choose your wedding cake by one of our top cake makers listed here, but have it made to serve only half of your guests. Then, purchase a nice simple cake from one of our favourite high street food stores and serve that to guests from behind the scenes! Magic! This medium size Tesco fruit cake is a steal at £10!

tesco fruit cake  

And these Marks and Spencer Cutting bars are designed specifically for behind the scenes sneaky cake cutting, and start from £14!

m and s cutting m and s bar