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8 Steps To Perfect Photo Booth Posing

Just for fun • 5th September 2016
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Much to our joy, photo booths have become a staple at any wedding in recent years, offering hours of fun and hilarious momentos of the day. Our friends and photo booth experts, ScissorPic popped by to share some of their favourite snaps from their magic mirror booth, and some top tips for rocking it in front of the lens.

1. Always go for the kiss

photobooth poses

2. If in doubt, pout it out

photobooth poses

3. Hog the limelight


4. Timing is everything...

photo booth posing

5. More props = more fun

photo booth posing

6. Top marks for creativity

photo booth posing

7. Carry liquids at your peril

photo booth posing

8. Have fun!

photo booth posing

ScissorPic is far from your average photobooth! It's full length mirror captures your photographs, as you strike your best poses. You can contact ScissorPic here to hire them for your event. 

scissor pic photo booth

 wedding photo booth

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