Planning 101 18th June 2014

2014's Worst Wedding Trends


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The great $51 billion wedding industry, what a beast it is! It survived the recession, is growing day by day, and moves quicker than the speed of light. Probably mostly to keep ourselves entertained, us wedding professionals spend our days and nights dreaming up ingenious ideas and never before seen wedding trends. We like to keep things fresh, and the idea of a truly 'unique' wedding is the like finding the holy grail.

As with any fast paced industry, churning out gallons of creative idea juice on a daily basis, we do occasionally come a cropper and produce something just plain bizarre. Here is our round-up of 2014's worst wedding trends.* Be prepared for a rant...

1. You're NOT invited

Seen more state-side than in the UK, this truly bizarre trend sees couples sending cards or messages to those who don't make the guest list explaining why they've been missed out. Perhaps it's the american way to justify such things, but us brits would much rather muddle on awkwardly avoiding the topic of the wedding with those who we can't squeeze in.

2. Bridal Diapers

Again, we haven't seen these pop up in the UK as such, but the feeling that it's a good idea is starting to creep across the pond. If you have a hugely heavy, taffeta filled dress, it may just be easier to don a diaper than do the toilet tango. Makes sense right? Erm, no.

3. Hessian/Lace Wrapped Everything

So over this it hurts. You don't need to make EVERYTHING super kitch. And, hessian has a habit of catching on peoples clothing and making nasty pulls in fabric. So not the best choice for your table runner/place mats.

4. The YouTube Aisle Procession Dance

These brilliant youtube videos were hilarious when they fist came around, 5 YEARS AGO. Now thousands of people have subjected their poor, awkward bridesmaids and ushers to doing a humiliating shuffle down the aisle to some cheesy pop song. If the majority of your guests are hermits who've never seen Buzzfeed or YouTube, then by all means try and pass it off as original.

5. Robot Officiants

They're taking over. Already seen multiple times in the states, New Zealand and Japan, robots acting as officiants, ring bearers, flower girls or videographers are on the rise. We can't decide if it's adorable or ridiculous.

6. Vans/Converse/Trainers

It's you're wedding day, not sports day. I don't care how hipster or alternative you think you are, trainers and wedding dresses don't work together. End of story.

7. Moustaches

Striving to make your wedding day as quirky as possible? Throw moustaches on EVERYTHING. On top of the straws for your hip jam jar drinks, on sticks for you photo booth, on the stationery, as place cards. We get it, people look funny with a moustache, but stop already.

8. Social Media EVERYTHING

We heard recently that people are starting to hire a 'social media concierge' for their wedding day? Or that this is a service some planners or venues are now offering... sounds to me to be another way to over-complicate your day. These people will apparently manage your social media for the day, frantically approving tags and managing your hashtags, encouraging guests to Instagram and share, create live feeds and vine cutesy videos. Oh man...


*Disclaimer... If you have or are planning to have some of these elements in your wedding day, sorry for the rant! I'm sure you'll make it look great and not at all cliché!