Planning 101 10th August 2015

11 Ways To Incorporate Chocolate Into Your Wedding

all you need As I sit here devouring a hot chocolate on a Monday morning, I take a moment to reflect on the important fact that there is no surer way to put a smile on my face than with a little chocolate. Except maybe when it comes to weddings. I really love weddings. If, like me and so many other women (and men) across the universe you share my unrelenting penchant for the sweet stuff, it'll probably be quite important to you that it gets a special place on your big day. Wedding, marrying the love of your life, champagne, and CHOCOLATE. I mean, it simply doesn't get much better than that. Here is a slightly self indulgent post celebrating the many glorious ways you could honour the cocoa in your nuptial celebrations... enjoy!

1. For breakfast For the true chocolate lover comes the chocolate breakfast. We're talking hot chocolate and chocolate croissants. Maybe a muffin too. A chocolate breakfast is the kind of indulgence you are absolutely allowed on your wedding day. With a side of bucks fizz, of course. choc breakfast

2. In your invitations Share the chocolate love and have your invites/save the dates printed on paper wrapping a delectible bar of your favourite chocolate. Make sure you keep one for yourself... wedding invite

3. In the canapes Who says the canapes should be savoury? If you're a true chocolate lover, you'll know chocolate can come at any time of the day. canapes

4. In ice cream If you're having a sumer wedding, what better way to cool down during your reception drinks than with a vintage ice cream van serving ice cold chocolatey treats? Polly's Parlour Polly's Parlour

5. Or if it's a cooler day how about churros? Spanish donut type things dipped in chocolate? YES just keep them away from the dress... churros Kupkoa Churros

6. Let's not forget the cake... There's no better way to honour your love than with a full on chocolate cake filled chocolatey mountain of wedding cake. My personal favourite for this is the much celebrated choccywoccydoodah... seriously you need to check these out.. choccywoccy

7. Do it with art Want more of a traditional wedding cake? That's fine, you can get your chocolate love in with a work of art. How about a custom made chocolate sculpture? Just keep it away from the candles...

8. Post dinner chocktails Thos deliciously devilish chocolate cocktails you just can't get enough of make a perfect post dinner drink. Served with truffles, of course. This chocolate blitzen martini is my fave... chocolate cocktials

9. Chocoalte Dessert Station So it's the in thing to have a dessert station (or popcorn, or sweeties, or cheese...) at some point in the wedding reception. It's a nice way to cut out the 3rd course of the meal from your caterer, and instead fill a table with sweet treats which can be donated from friends and family. Why not make it ALL chocolate? What a brilliant idea...

10. Favours An obvious and classic way to incorporate chocolate love into your day. What guest doesn't want a cheeky treat to have in the car on the way home?

11. A midnight snack As you wave goodbye to guests staggering from the dancefloor, why not surprise them with a chocolatey midnight snack for the road? FYI - I'd swap the milk for chocolate milk. Obvs.