Planning 101 21st June 2022

10 Wedding planner books for those who like to put pen to paper

Whilst the Internet is an endless resource for wedding inspiration, planning tips and real wedding inspiration, sometimes you just can’t beat pen and paper. For the more traditional types, physical wedding books can be useful if writing something down really helps you figure it out or process things,. Plus it’s good if you want to decrease the amount of time you spend online or just fancy having a nice keepsake from planning your wedding!

Below we’ve listed 10 of our favourites available at the moment, from simple notebooks to full blown tips and organisers. 

1. Our book 

We know we're biased but we had to start with our very own wedding planner book! From thorough tips and advice, checklists and calendars to sections to details all your information and ideas, this book is ideal if you want to be guided through the whole planning process step by step. Whilst helping to ensure you don’t miss a thing, it’s also lovely to look at and will make for a lovely keepsake to look back on. 

wedding planner 1

2. Smythson

The king of stationery, you can trust Smythson to do a refined and chic option for a wedding planner book. With a simple step by step guide within its pages, it’ll make wedding planning feel especially glamorous.

smythson diary


3. Blush and gold wedding book 

With lots of different colour options available, these wedding books feature beautiful gilded edges and lots of tips inside.

blush and gold wedding book

4. Amara

Keep things simple and cool with this plain paged wedding book from Amara. Perfect for mood boarding or scribbling down ideas. 


5. Papier 

For something a bit fancy, go for Papier’s upcycled leather wedding journal, that features blank pages for you to fill with whatever you wish. 

wedding notes


6. Martha Brook 

Fabric covered with gold foil writing, this wedding book has an openable ring binder making it a perfect option if you’re someone who likes to collect lots of sources of inspiration! 

martha brook wedding planner

7. Write to Me 

Simple and elegant in style, this planning book is a great option for the laidback bride. 

write to me

8. The Ultimate Wedding Planner 

If you’re someone who loves everything organised to a T and filed away in its rightful place, then this could be the wedding planner for you. 

the ultimate wedding planner



9. The Paper Memory 

With the option of different colours and personalisation specific to you, this makes for a lovely unique gift. 

the paper memory


10. DayWorks Design

A classic and more traditional design, this planner is ideal for the bride who imagines having a real fairytale wedding. 

day works wedding planner