Planning 101 8th July 2014

10 Unexpected Wedding Budget Items


Wedding planning can feel like the most daunting of tasks at times; coordinating and planning all those different suppliers, pulling together a theme, keeping everyone happy and perhaps the trickiest part, managing your budget! Keeping on top of costs can be a challenge, especially when money is tight, and we'd be quite willing to bet that 8 out of 10 weddings end up running over budget. But whilst you may have sized up the costs of all the major parts of your day quite well, there are often a few little ones which catch you out!

1. Dress Alterations

You've worked out your budget and know that you can spend a certain amount on your wedding dress. The one you fall for comes in under budget, result! So you then go ahead and order that more expensive veil and fancy personalised shoes. Bingo, budget met. But wait, all that stress and last minute wedding nerves leaves you a couple inches short on your waist and you need last minute alterations! Any money left in your money pot? Didn't think so!

2. Bridal Party Gifts

Even though you've probably been thinking about these gifts from the word go, chances are you left them off your budget spread sheet! Even if you're just getting a few fancies bouquets for your mums and maids, they can run up a hefty cost, so be prepared and plan ahead!

3. Postage

Pretty sure we've covered this before, but posting your invites and thank you cards actually costs the thick end of £100 - so make sure you account for it in the planning stages!

4. Over-time Costs

Some suppliers go by the hour, and many have contracts you will sign when you hire them. Whilst most suppliers will be lenient and hang about should your day go slightly off course, time is money! So either make sure you stick to your time plan (i.e don't be an hour late for your ceremony!) or, be prepared to pay your harpist over-time costs.

5. Post Wedding Fees (dress cleaning)

Unfortunately the spending doesn't stop when the wedding day is over. There are often a few lose ends to tie up, and one that many people forget to factor in is wedding dress cleaning and storage options.

6. Service Charges, Tips and Taxes

Double check all your agreements and contracts with suppliers and venues to make sure you're aware of costs which don't appear on your bills. Don't build a budget based on quotes, think about taxes and enquire about service charges, especially from your venue.

7. Disaster Fund

You all travel 100 miles to your country castle hotel and start getting ready, only for the groom to realise he's left his dress shoes back home. Typical. Make sure to keep an emergency fund for last minute shopping trips!

8. Include Yourselves

Classic error - always remember to count yourselves in head counts! Feeding everyone but yourselves is just daft!

9. Hotel Rooms

You've budgeted for the venue, the room for your wedding night, the honeymoon, but what about if you need to stay somewhere near by the night before? And what about your wedding party? Plan this into the budget, as it could equally add an extra few hundred pounds!

10. Beauty Treatments

On the day, before the day, chances are you'll be looking to invest a bit of cash into producing the very best version of yourself for the wedding day. And if you have bridesmaids, you may be expected to pay for their hair and make-up too. We 100% recommend getting in the pros if your budget allows it, so to make sure it does, factor it in from day 1!