Planning 101 6th February 2014

Your Lashes

Your Lashes

Some of us are born with very long lashes and others just dream about them. Long lashes can really open up the eyes and make a simple eyeshadow look dramatic. Lashes protect our eyes from dust but they are also help to make your eyes stand out. Therefore, making them perfect on your big day is essential.

There are lots of ways to get the illusion of long lashes and still make them look like they are your own natural lashes. Here’s how:

Strip lashes

There are lots of strip lashes on the market but for brides I would recommend the natural hair ones. They look like your own lashes and you can add mascara to them. You can also cut them to size so that they are the right width and they are reusable.

Fashion Lashes

Individual Lashes

Individual lashes come in little clusters that can be added in between your own lashes. They are available in different colours and can just be added to the outer corners to make the eyes appear wider or along the length of the lash. They come in short, medium and long so you can taper them from the inner to outer corners.

Semi Permanent lashes

Lots of beauty salons up and down the country offer semi permanent lash treatments. These lashes last for up to 2 weeks and will need infills. You cannot wear mascara on top of these lashes. Up to 100 single lashes are added to each of your own lashes to give the effect of longer lashes. They can damage your lashes if not applied correctly. If you are having these done make sure you go to a reputable salon.

Lash growth serums

These serums are widely available on the market and range from serums containing peptides (synthesised hormones) to prescription based ones containing prostaglandins (hormones). The high street ones range from about £50.00 - £200.00. You will see a result in lash growth with regular daily use for a minimum period of six weeks or so.

Lash tints

Lash tinting can be of great benefit to spectacle wearers, people with sensitive eyes and people with very fair lashes, as the roots get tinted too. The tint lasts for 3-6 weeks and colours the lashes but doesn’t thicken them. Lash tinting is great for honeymoons too if you’re going to a hot climate or swimming a lot!

Wedding Blinc Mascara


Mascara thickens, lengthens and gives and illusion of false lashes. There are many brands on the market and for brides I recommend using waterproof mascara on the lower lashes if they feel emotional. After all it’s a brides prerogative to cry tears of joy and happiness.