Planning 101 1st April 2015

Your Gift List - Preparation is Key!

Here at Prezola we are getting ready for the busy wedding season ahead and I am sure you are preparing for your special day too. With so much to think about, collating your gift list should be a more relaxing part of the wedmin activity, with thoughts of what gifts you would like to remind you of your wedding day, friends and family and prepare you for your lifetime of happiness ahead. With this in mind, I thought it was the perfect chance to share our top 5 tips for creating the perfect gift list to suit all your family and friends but most importantly ensure that you get your gifts your way!

Future Heirlooms

We are not talking antique mirrors or clocks here, but everyday items that guests will love to buy for you to keep forever. A canteen of cutlery is a very traditional wedding gift that can be a reminder of your wedding day at any celebration! A gift list tip, is to add cutlery as place settings. This ensures there is plenty of choice to suit all tastes and budgets. We love the reasonably priced Sophie Conran Rivelin setting for Arthur Price. The simple, elegant design would match any dinner service and each seven piece place setting is beautifully boxed making it the perfect gift!

Prezola Gift List

Be Aspirational

Wedding gifts should be a luxury that you might not buy yourself. This is the chance to be aspirational and pick something that you both normally might not be able to afford. An everyday item as a good example is bed linen. Nothing beats climbing into crisp new luxury bed linen that you know will last! The White Company has the perfect answer to any bedding dilemma!

Prezola Gift List

Money or Nothing!

Feeling awkward about asking for cash? Cash towards something important is perfectly acceptable, as long as guests know what they’re helping you to achieve. The easy solution is to try and add a mixture of cash and actual gifts to your list. Saving up for a new sofa? Add this as a cash option with a picture of the sofa to show your guests what you will be using the money towards. For honeymoon funds, add the cash options to your list as experiences such as ‘Romantic Meal on the Beach’ or ‘Diving in the Maldives’, the options are endless!

Prezola Gift List

Think Out Side of the Box!

At Prezola we love to support and promote up and coming British design talent so maybe think about adding something a little bit different that you might not find on any other gift list! Think Hello Geronimo, Nicola Suckling or Elli Popp, these names will definitely make your list stand out from the crowd!

Prezola Gift List

Make It Personal

Guests love to give a gift that is truly personal so including anything on your list that can be personalised is a winner! We love the natural oak serving boards from Rustic Dish, perfect for any table setting.

Prezola Gift List

A Final Note!

A little thanks goes a long way so thank you notes are last, but definitely not least on your to-do list!