Planning 101 14th January 2019

Top Toppers For Your Wedding Cake

Unique Cake Topper Ideas

The wedding cake is one of the most anticipated finishing touches of your big day. All your guests can't wait to see what you have designed and what flavour or even flavours you've chosen. After all, it is the centrepiece of all centrepieces. That is why it is important to add something unique and creative on top of your cake. And, the cake topper can be a big memento that you keep to be displayed in your house and help you reminisce.


There are plenty of fantastic ideas for cake toppers, but we have listed the most unique ones to inspire you for your wedding. So without further ado, here is our list!


Mr. and Mrs

You can grab yourselves a Mr. and Mrs. sign relatively easily. What's great, is that you can use Mr and Mrs motifs with your other decorations around the wedding, across plates, signs and photo holders etc. However, if you get a custom sign made, why not add your surname to make this feature super personalised, and a little bit more unique.


Bride and Groom First Name Initials

If you are not keen on Mr and Mrs cake toppers and need something slightly more personal, you can play around with your first name initials for your topper. Some couples add their first name initials while you could also use your cute nicknames for each other. The font options for the two letters are endless, but we suggest that you choose carefully, so that the topper matches both your cake style and wedding theme. Go for a metallic or wooden design if you’re looking for a topper that’s a little more out of the ordinary.


Paper Doll

We just couldn’t forget adding paper dolls to our list. Well, this idea is pretty simple and it looks really cute. You just have to print a simple bride and groom picture, add your faces to it and print it on suitably robust paper. You can make your faces even bigger than your ‘body’ for some added fun.


Cinderella’s Lost Shoe

The bride has found her prince charming! Well, if you're a fan of fairy tales, or you have that kind of theme, this cake topper is perfect! If your wedding cake is larger than normal, you can add a real bride’s shoe size on top of it. Additionally, you can add more decoration to your cinderella shoe be it ribbons and laces that can give your topper a more glamourous look.


Puzzle Pieces

You have found the one that will complete your life. These puzzle pieces can be in any design that you want, or anything that compliments your wedding cake and theme. But, you can also be creative with this cake topper idea. Why not use a picture of you two and shape it into 2 pieces of a puzzle.


Meaningful quote

As a couple, you might have your favourite quotes that have significant meaning. These quotes always help your relationship to grow stronger. It can be a bible verse, a motto in life, or even a line from your favourite film or song. Why not even pick a line from your wedding vows for extra personalisation!


Rocking Chairs

“In sickness and in health, till death do us part.’’ This vow really means a lot for most couples. Well, be inspired by this rocking chair wedding cake topper idea! These chairs symbolise your sacred bond and that you'll be together for the rest of your lives. It may look simple, but this idea really holds a deeper meaning for couples.


Sweet Animals

This wedding cake topper idea is perfect for animal lovers. Why not add your favourite animal on the top of the cake. Maybe you already have a pet and want to get hold of a cake topper look-alike so you feel like they're a part of your big day.



Why not get 3D cake topper design of you 2 in your favourite location. A destination that holds an important role to your relationship as a couple. Perhaps you would like it to be your honeymoon destination?

We hope that we have given you some unique wedding cake topper ideas that you can use for your wedding. Whether you go for personal, unique or classic, just ensure that you are completely happy with it and it matches your theme, cake style and needs.

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